Monday, December 31, 2012

5 Things I Plan on Improving in 2013

Well, another year has gone by, and with it last years Resolutions.  I can't even remember my Resolutions from last year, so this year I'm holding myself accountable by posting them for you, my fans to see.  Now, I'm not calling these Resolutions because that makes it sound like, if I don't do it for one week or something, then I've this is my Improving List for 2013!!!

1.  Practice MORE Random Acts of Kindness : I already practice a lot of random kindness, but I feel if I can practice more that it would also improve the outlook of the people on the receiving end and also give them a better day.  I already do around 2-5 acts a month.  I don't tell anyone what I do, but if I do it, then I know I've done it.  My goal is to do at least TWO random acts of kindness each week.  

2.  Exercise more!  Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know this is on every list this year!!! But, I want to be able to exercise more.  My goal is to exercise in the mornings after Monster goes to school.  With this, I also plan on getting a treadmill and making a stand for my laptop so that I can also work on the computer while I'm exercising!  

3.  Eat Healthier!!  This goes with number 2.  Right now, we hardly ever eat at home...we eat at restaurants and I would like to change this.  My goal is to eat at home for at least 4 days each week, which is a big improvement over what we do right now.  I also plan to eat more vegetables and fruits as they're healthier than chips and cost less.

4.  Get to at least 5,000 combined fans for both of my pages I have TheMarciFactor page on Facebook and also my jewelry page of MarciMallow.  With this, I also plan on making more jewelry for my fans.  If you haven't seen my jewelry yet, you can always look HERE.  I do take custom orders also! **hint hint**

5.  Save at LEAST $200 a month towards our vacation around Thanksgiving!  If I can save that much, then we won't have to worry about the funds to get there and the activities while we're there.  This will also count towards next years Cyber Monday as I don't do Black Friday shopping.  So, $200 a month will be $2000 by November 1.  This is the biggie for us because we always have the unexpected expenses along with eating out all the time.  

So, as you can see...all FIVE of my goals actually intertwine and help each other out.  Now, I would like some input from you guys...what do you plan on IMPROVING in 2013?  Do you want to join me on the healthy eating, or exercising?  How about saving more money?  

P.S. On the saving money part...I will be posting coupons and savings A LOT more often!! I will actually put them on another page for those that don't want to read those!! But that page will be linked to this one!  

Sunday, December 30, 2012

KitchenAid on SALE starting tomorrow!!

So, I learned this from the last big event that everyone wanted.  You need to already have an account HERE in order to get the good sales.  A lot of my fans couldn't get the Coach sale because they had new accounts.  Sooooo, if you want to get the KitchenAid SALE, please go join RueLaLa HERE and tomorrow, it will be on sale.  Now, I don't know exactly what will be on sale or what the prices are going to be, but I can tell you that they always have great stuff!!!

I know this is a short post, but I wanted to get ya'll prepared for this big sale.  A lot of the things will probably sell out fast, so you might want to be on the site as soon as the sale starts at 11 AM EST. I know I will be there!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Look what you can get for less than $10 at Fab!

I LOVE Fab.  I got QQ an alarm clock for Christmas and this is the result!! She LOVED it!!
Clocky is only $27 at Fab, and with a $10 gift card that I can send to my FB Friends (you can send me a friend request HERE) it will only be $17 plus shipping.  
I've gotten things before at Fab and haven't ever had a problem with them.  Right now here's some things that you can get for less than $10 with the gift card that you can get from me!

You can get different sets of Hot Sox for $2 plus shipping.
 You can get Rumba Slap watches for only $10 plus shipping with the gift card!!

And you can get different sets of these AWESOME Spikeletz pen sets for only $1.50 plus shipping with the gift card.

Now, to get these discounts remember you should (you don't have can get another friend to send you the gift card) send me a friend request HERE and let me know in a message which gift cards you want me to send you!

Now, I became aware of Fab a while back when I had a friend featured on the site...back when it was first starting out!!
Me, personally...I'm getting the socks and pens!! Besides purses, those are my weaknesses!!

Spanx is on SALE again!!!

For those that are like me and have a little bit (OK I have a lot) extra hanging over our beltline, Spanx is on SALE again at RueLaLa!!!!
This sale is only going on for 2 more days, so I would suggest hurrying over and getting them!!! 

How to get TWO WEEKS of Hulu Plus for Free!

This is perfect because I was writing a post on how I'm going to save money in the New Year.  While getting rid of our satellite TV wasn't on the list, I'm really thinking about it...if it wasn't for those darn sports channels!!!

Right now you can get TWO WEEKS of HULU for free! This is a great way to try it out and see if you like it!

All you have to do is send me a friend request (sorry this can only go to friends) HERE and I will accept it.  Then as soon as I accept the friend request, I will send you the FREE gift card for TWO WEEKS of Hulu Plus!  Now, you do need to put in credit card information because if you don't cancel after the two weeks you will be charged the $7.99 a month.  Which is still very reasonable for having TV shows on your computer or tablet!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's coming on that time of year...

I've mentioned before that there is one day a year where I absolutely leave DH alone!  He knows he can talk to me if he wants, but it's mostly him being by himself.  On this day I make a special bracelet.  Only one a year...never any more.  This is my bracelet to honor my husband and his friend that died.  Usually, I sell this bracelet, but this year I want to give it away to someone that deserves it.  Soooo, I would like you my fans to nominate someone that deserves this bracelet.    You can nominate that person as a comment in this blog post, or on my facebook page, or by emailing me.  All nominations will be considered.  The bracelet is red and blue.  I'm also thinking of adding something special this year to honor my husband and his friend.  Please forward this to all your friends and family and hopefully we will get a lot of nominations.  The bracelet will be made on January 7, which is the day that my husband lost a close friend right in front of him...from what I've been able to gather, my husband was in the spot that the mortar hit just a few minutes before...which is why this bracelet is so special.  Here in the Cook Family, we will be going through him being distant, with a shorter temper.  I've dealt with this every year and  I'm incredibly understanding about this.  I welcome other stories from the wars if you would like to share.  They will all be posted! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Still in Shock and saying Prayers

I took a break today.  Posted one thing.  My heartfelt sympathies and prayers go out to the entire community of Newtown, Connecticut.  

I'm still in shock.  

There are new Angels in Heaven today.  There are so many families torn apart, in the blink of an eye.  There are so many other pages and articles on details, and I'm not going to be another one.  
My thoughts this morning were of those families that no longer get to hug their children.  The empty rooms and quiet houses.  The siblings that must be told.  

Then there's all the other children that survived and escaped.  The acts of heroism.  
There are parents who's world was torn apart today.  A small towns feeling of safety was stolen. 

Saturday, I will also be spending time with my Monster and QQ.  This weekend, think about the entire town that has been torn apart.  Say a prayer for EVERYONE.  Turn the computers off and give your kids an extra hug and spend some extra time with them. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meteor Shower, Period, Truck Bed

I know you're thinking...what do these all have in common?  Well, tonight was the Geminids Meteor Shower.  That's the first thing.

I was helping QQ with a poetry assignment earlier tonight and DH messaged me that Monster was throwing a fit.  So, somehow I "flew out of the RV like a Russian jet" and skipped the steps, tripped over Egg and SOMEHOW ended up 20 feet away by the old tree stump.  (We're still trying to figure this out...totally different story.)

So, I get Monster settled down and go back outside.  DH is there with me and I mention that there's the meteor shower tonight and we should be able to see some of them.  Now, I know a lot of you only know me by reading my posts, but I've NEVER been accused of having any grace what-so-ever.  I can trip over thin air...IT HAS HAPPENED!!! 

Well, Egg and I are sitting there in the yard looking up at the sky and we both SWEAR the stars were playing tricks on us and moving.  I get the idea that we should get a blanket and lie back and watch it so we don't have to worry about falling over.  Yeah, I got ignored.  Then, we both mentioned, sitting in the bed of the truck and watching the sky.  But, the truck is parked under the trees, so I back it in the driveway and put the tailgate down.  Here comes the truck bed part.
Egg came out with pillows and a blanket.  The air was crisp and the sky was clear so we were able to see a lot of meteors.  

Now, the really hilarious part.  Yesterday, I started my period.  I've been raving about the Lunette cup that I've used for the past couple of months.  And, I'm completely open with Egg about everything.  Soooooo...we're lying in the bed of the truck and I start coughing.  *You know I've been sick and still have the cough* Well, Egg mentions "push Ms. Cook, push" because we were talking about the annual test that us women have and well...she knew that I had the cup in, and also what coughing does.  I told her the last time I heard anyone tell me to "push" when I was lying on my back was 18 years ago.  Well, laughing, coughing and pushing for about two hours we saw a BUNCH of meteors and laughed our butts off!!!  The best entertainment is always FREE!!!

For those that missed the meteor shower, I've read that you can see some of it again tomorrow.  
P.S. I should totally have a review and giveaway of the Lunette Cup! LOL.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is the weekend really over?

This week is finals week for DH.  So, he's studying his skinny butt off!
Monster, however, is enjoying having his Egg girlfriend so close.  I swear all he has to do is bat those little blue eyes and everyone falls over him.   
This year is almost coming to an end, and as I sit here for a couple minutes and actually was fairly decent.  
Monster is going to school.  I've been accepted into SFA and automatically given scholarships because of my grades.  So, next semester I'm probably going to attend school again.  YIKES!
Is it bad that I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up?  
I guess the smart choice would be to go for an Agriculture degree and that would help out with the farm.  But, really...those that know me from childhood, would you have ever guessed I would be a farmer?
Monster turns 4 in May, and we're looking into 4H for him.  I think we're gonna start out with...CHICKENS...Duh!
So, what has your weekend been like?  Me...I've got a tingly face because of breathing problems Egg is out getting coffee to help me breathe better.  Yes, it works!  Tonight I'm going to stay up and get some work done...and it's actually supposed to get cold overnight...WooHoo!

Get 5 Jelly Watches for $10

These are too cute everyday watches!! Right now, you can get 5 of them for only $10 and they make a great stocking stuffer!!!
These would be great everyday watches for your kids to wear to school, or even for you to wear while you're working around the house!  Hurry over and get them while you can because this is another of those three day sales!!

More Lightning Deals on Amazon today

G'morning everyone! As you can see, I stayed up late last night finding all sorts of deals for your last minute shopping!!! There's still more!!!
Amazon has LIGHTNING DEALS still, and I will try to keep up with posting the best ones for you.
I'm also going to be giving out some of those gift codes that I got, so remember, you should stay logged in HERE and click on the link I post...then click on upcoming deals and scroll right until you find what you want.  When the timer hits ZERO, you should start clicking.  Sometimes, I've had to go back HERE to get the deal!

Ugly Dolls...So Ugly they're CUTE!

When I first saw Ugly Dolls, I knew they were adorable!  I have friends that collect them because they're so darn Ugly they're cute!
And they're on sale!  I personally know of a couple people that will snatch these cuties up!
Don't you agree? Aren't these cutsie?  
Monster has a couple of them, and he used then when he was teething! LOL.  

So, there's also these Ugly Dolls with little backpacks on sale also!! These are great for those small day trips or to carry they're beloved toys in. 

20 Homework Excuses

Thought I would give you a little school humor! Here's 20 Funny Homework Excuses from Real Teachers on Facebook.  Thanks for allowing us to share this!

hw excuses 3 Homework Excuses

Vera Braley on SALE!!!

Ya'll know my LOVE of purses!  All kinds of purses!!
For another day Vera Bradley is on sale!!!
I've already gotten this purse...
This one was $29.90 and it's a $78.00 purse!!!
I'm going back and getting the wallet to go with it and have another matching set!
Here's some of the other designs that you can get, but you might want to hurry over and get them because there's only ONE DAY LEFT for this sale!!

So, who is the purseaholic in your life?  This is a great and inexpensive gift idea for them!!

Where's my Shoe Lover's??

TopFloor has some amazing sales that are ending today!! 
This sale only last for the next 12 hours,  so you might want to hurry if you want to get these awesome shoes!!!
Today at TopFloor!  
As you can see...these are AWESOME shoes! There's also a VERY LIMITED quantity left!!
I've told you about TopFloor before, and they have really good sales!  
A while back I got these 10 Ft. Apple charging cords and they're AWESOME!!!
These aren't on sale right now, but I'm hoping they come back REAL SOON, so I can get more!
There's also these Guardian Stones that would make a really great gift under the  Christmas Tree! These are actually pretty cheap for gifts!
Don't tell a certain QQ, but I'm going to get these for her for Christmas!!

FREE Paperblanks Calendars--Just pay SHIPPING

I've already told you how I love Fab.
Well, here's another reason.  
You can get these AWESOME Paperblanks Calendars FREE....Yep, that was FREE, just pay shipping of $4.95!! 
I have to say this is a great deal as I got the Ornate Fuchsia Weekly Calendar from another site a couple weeks ago.  And I already have it in hand.
These come with not one but TWO ribbons to keep track of your appointments.  I'm using mine to mark the monthly at a glance and the second one to mark the weeks.  
Now, how do you score this for the shipping cost?  WELL...first you need to send me a Facebook friend request HERE.  Then, join Fab HERE.  As soon as I've accepted your friend request, I will send you the $10 Fab gift card through Wrapp.  
If you get the $10 Calendars, then all you have to pay is shipping.  There are some that are more, and in that case the gift card will be taken off of the total amount.  YOU DO NOT NEED A MINIMUM AMOUNT TO USE THIS CARD!
Below is a screencap of the gift card automatically applied to your account on checkout.  I hope this helps you guys!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fijit Friends Newbies Kira LIGHTNING SALE!!

Fijit Friends have turned out to be the hottest toy this year!
Today on Amazon's Lightning Deals there is this Fijit Friend Newbie on sale at 12 PM Mountain, which is 2:00 Central, my time!!

  This little one is going to sell FAST!!!


Now, remember, what you need to do is to be logged in to Amazon, and then click on "upcoming deals", then scroll right until you see it, and when the timer hits ZERO you need to click and keep clicking!!! 

2 Carat White Topaz Studs in Sterling Silver only $9

Ever since I got that White Topaz ring out of a Jewelry Candle, it has been an obsession of mine to get more White Topaz jewelry.
So, this deal is a great find.  Right now, you can get 2 Carat White Topaz Stud earrings in Sterling Silver for only $9!! These normally sell for $100 so they're a great find and a great stocking stuffer.

These are beautiful and with White Topaz, there's just that tiny hint of blue. Yep...I'm getting a pair today!!

Apple Product cord organizers as low as $1 plus shipping!!!

These adorable cord organizers sold out pretty fast last time they were at Fab!!

Now, they have different ones also, which accommodate the different outlets and adapter styles as seen here!
As you can see they're only $11 at, but wait...there's something more I haven't told you yet!
You can send me a friend request on Facebook and I can send you a $10 gift card, which would make these only $1 + shipping!! 
Just send me a friend request and I will be accepting them and sending out gift cards as fast as possible!
This would take care of all those Apple accessory cords that you have tangled everywhere!!

Spanx as low as $14.99 Today!!!

I've been waiting for over a week for this one!
Spanx is on sale at Zulily!  For those that don't know what Spanx is, it's a brand that helps with shaping.  I am getting a pair to help with my "muffin top" when I dress up!

Vibram Fivefingers is also on sale.  I've been wanting a pair of these for a couple of years now.  They're supposed to be really good for increased performance when working out.  (I wouldn't know since I barely work out!)
BUT, I've done a little research and I think it would be really good for my horrible feet.  Remember, I've had several surgeries on my feet already, and I'm always on the lookout for comfy shoes!
Remember, today is the last day for Melissa & Doug toys, along with Crayola.  You might want to hurry over there!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beautiful Swarovski Keychains and a $10 Credit

At NoMoreRack you can get beautiful Swarovski Keychains for $10 each!
And shipping is only $2 per item!!!
Also, when you make your first order at NoMoreRack, you get a $10 credit.  

I got this keychain for a certain QQ for Christmas since they're about to move into their own house!!
Of course, I got her a different color! 
They've got all sorts of unique keychains  for you to choose from!!
There's also other items there for sale, like this camera from Fujifilm for only $139!!!
These are awesome deals, but they sell out fast!!!

Pillow Pets as low as $9.49

There are a lot of AWESOME deals today on Zulily!
I know someone that is getting this one...and it's not Monster!!
This would be for QQ!
Also, I did get something for Monster today!!
I did get him the VTech camera last year, but this one looks like it's easier to hold along with taking less batteries and more megapixels! I really hope he likes it!!

I have to say I LOVE shopping at Zulily because the prices are SOOOOO reasonable!!
But, you might want to hurry because the sales at Zulily only last for a couple days!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Julep Nail Polishes---My New Favorite

I've though for a couple of weeks how I'm going to word this post.  I LOVE these nail polishes.  
If you haven't joined yet, you can get an Intro Box for only $4 (Most of which is shipping).

These are awesome nail polishes and I'm totally loving the Quick Dry Polish Drops...they are making it a lot easier for me to actually have pretty painted nails!!
Julep is a monthly subscription service.  If you choose NOT to get any more shipments, you need to cancel, pause, or skip a shipment by logging into your account and click on "My Account" then click on "My Maven Subscription."

Now, in order to get your Intro box you need to become a "Maven" and you do this by taking the Style Quiz HERE.  Once you finish the quiz, it will ask for your name and email address and show you which "Style" you are.  They then match your Intro Box to your Style.  
Now, here's the tricky part.  See, I've asked and asked for a discount code that you can use like a couple of other blogs, but they wouldn't give me one.  Soooo...I'm going to point you in the direction to get a promo code to get your Intro Box for only 1¢! You can get that code HERE.  
And, I'm going to give you a can join using the link there, or you can join using my link...I would appreciate if you used my link though. ;)

If you want to get your Monthly Maven Box, there is an email sent to you around the 20-24 of each month.  If you do not cancel, pause, or skip the shipment, your card will be charged and they do NOT allow returns on those boxes! 

Here is my Julep collection so far, and you can see, I'm in LOVE with it!!!
I've gotten some of these through other sites that have had them on sale, so I'm building quite a collection!!! LOL

22 Piece Geometric Magnetic Shape Set only $4

This is almost perfect. You can get a 22 Piece Geometric Magnetic Shape Set for only $4 + shipping. It's a great deal!  The size will fit in Monster's Toy Box (a metal lunch box with his name on it)
and it will teach him to use his imagination! 

Set includes:

• 6 Rectangles
• 7 Circles
• 4 Squares
• 4 Triangles
• Magnetic Board measuring 7 x 5 inches 

These will go perfect with his other magnetic blocks!

Christmas Gift Ideas that I picked

I've been a fan of Hybrid Her for a long time. 
Now, they have what's called "Trunk Shows" where I get to pick what will be on sale!!!
So, yesterday I made a new show.  I picked things that are UNIQUE (like me) and reasonable in price.  I have to say there's a couple of things that I LOVE...starting with this long sleeve T-shirt:

 I personally know of a couple of people that should live by this motto...but that's another story.

Then there's these fabric wrapped stacking bangles. I love them!! These are really unique and would be great for that hard to shop for person.
Also, if there is anything that you would like to see I can always add it.  Sorry, this is mostly for women and there's hardly any toys.  All you have to do is go HERE and start shopping!!!
Thanks in advance!!!

$5 for an MP3 player

As a music lover I have a couple of MP3 players.
This is perfect for that hard to find person for's also the perfect stocking stuffer.
Eversave has these MP3 players on sale for $5 right now!
Here's the info for the "Apple inspired MP3 player"

Product Information:
Built-in FM radio
Includes charger and ear buds
Compact design with clip
Supports MP3 audio format
Card slot: can support Micro SD/TF card up to 8GB
PC Connection: hi-speed USB
Built-in 100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Dimensions: 4.2 cm x 3.0 cm x 1.5 cm

And don't forget this information:
Compact and versatile: With the inevitable car trips and flight delays of holiday travel on the horizon, a sleek MP3 player is the perfect gift to tuck in their stockings. Sync as many iTunes accounts as you want to the player, and enjoy even more music with the built-in FM radio.

Infinite playlist: The device supports a Micro SD/TF card up to 8GB, so you can store all your favorite songs. The card's not included, but you can snag it for a special price — only $7.99! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Melissa & Doug Toys on Sale

I've mentioned before that I love Melissa & Doug toys! That's because they're educational and FUN!
Monster LOVES the Melissa & Doug toys that he already has, and he's getting more...of course.

So, right now and for the next 3 days, Zulily has Melissa & Doug toys on sale!!

There is this See and Spell Puzzle Set for only $15.49 AND all items with a snowflake are guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas!!!
And of course every little kiddo needs blocks!!! These are on sale for only $15.49 also!!!

AND if you order $50 or more by 11:59 PM Pacific Time today, you will get an additional 15% off your entire order, it will automatically adjust when you checkout!!!

Crayola Crayon Maker only $13 after Coupon and Rebate

Ya'll gotta hurry because there's only 20,000 coupons, BUT...
If you go HERE and print the $4 coupon 
go HERE and print the rebate form
you can get the Crayon Maker at WalMart for only $13!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Mommy First

I don't know if I've told you before, but I've NEVER been a mommy to any of my kids past age 3. 
until now.

Monster is 3 1/2 and this whole school thing is fairly new.  PJ was always with his dad, and I never got to see anything with Em past her first ARD.  Shortly after the first day of her school, I lost her.
So, every new thing with Monster is a THRILL for me...literally.
Before Thanksgiving, I got my very first Handprint Turkey!!!
Egg was so proud of me, she took the pic.    

Yes, every little thing is BIG for me.
So, I have to admit that I'm a dummy when it comes to some of these school things.
Yesterday, Monster came home from school with this
It's mallowy and bouncy to best describe it.
All day, I was trying to figure out what it was.  It molds to different shapes.
So, after trying to figure out what it was all day, I went outside with the bag last night and asked Egg.
QQ was outside with me, and she knew immediately what it was...
I've never heard of this, but it's fairly cool.  Though it would have been nice if the teacher had said what it was when they put it in his bag...LOL.  
So, this is another MOMMY FIRST for me!
It's a learning process for both of us!  

COACH on sale for as LOW AS $35.90

I know EVERYONE wants a Coach item one time in their life and right now is the perfect time to get something!!!

Right now RueLaLa has Coach items on sale with items starting as low as $35.90!!!
**I see some giveaways coming up**

Yeah, can you tell what MY signature color is?  
And yes, there are at least two bought already that are giveaways...not giving any more hints!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It came out of nowhere...

I will admit...I'm a perfectionist...almost to a fault.
I try anything to fix it, to repair what I've done in anger and I. CAN. DO. A. LOT. in anger.
It's taken me the better part of 35 years to learn to control my anger and I think I've done a good job.  
But, there are times, however few and far between, that I let my temper get the best of me.
One of those times was when I was in the middle of my divorce with Stephen.

Hurt beyond all that I've ever felt. E.V.E.R.
I also try not to feel guilty about my past, but there are those times...those little times that bubble up to the tip of my emotions, and SLAP. ME. BACK. TO. REALITY.
And it's those times that are the worst.  I wonder.  I hope.  I pray.  That someday, someway she will forgive me for what I've done.  I hope for that one phone call that says, "I miss you."

You see, Carol (Stephen's mom) tried to comfort me, quite often.  She would give me a hug, and growing up the way I did, I wondered what she wanted with that hug.  NO ONE has EVER given me any affection without wanting something in return.  So, I was like the little kid that didn't understand what was going on.  I usually walked around the house in amazement as to how someone could ever LOVE and ACCEPT me for who I was, without asking anything in return.  But, Carol did...and I hurt her more than I've ever hurt anyone in the world.  So, what am I trying to say here...I really don't know.  All I know is this needed to be said.  
And another thing.  I MISS CAROL CARTER!       
I hope someday she will forgive me...for now, I have the memories...and I cherish every one!