Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Wardrobe...Almost?

With the New Year comes a lot of changes.  I'm starting school for one!! W00H0000!!  Another is that I have some pretty big Resolutions for the year.  

And, in looking at my closet and getting ready for school, I noticed something.  My wardrobe consists of mostly t-shirts.  And, I want to TRY to look a bit more professional for school.  So, I went shopping with the Belk gift card that I won. 

The other day, Mike took me to Belk to try to get me to feel better.  Retail therapy I guess you can say.
I didn't feel like buying much.  But, I did get a shirt for him and two shirts for me.  Here's the 2 shirts I got for myself.
Now, I wasn't paying attention to prices that day and figured I spent about $100.  But, when the total price came up it was only $54.97 with a savings of $99.22!!!  The purple shirt I liked because, well, it's PURPLE!  The white shirt is beautiful and matches a black shirt that I got at the beginning of December.  See, when I find stuff that I like, I usually buy the same thing in different colors.  Here's the two shirts together.
Today, I didn't plan on buying much.  Just some clothes for Monster.  But, when I went into Belk, they had restocked from the holiday shopping and there was a LOT of stuff on clearance.  Yes, I did get some clothes for Monster...that kid is growing so fast.  I got him two pair of jeans (with an adjustable waist) and two shirts.  They're going to look so good on him.
Then, we got a suit for Mike.  With him being in the upper level business classes, and both of us doing more community oriented activities, we needed to get him another suit, because just one won't do it anymore.
I can't wait to see how good he looks in this!!! And with Belk's prices, we paid less than $100 for both pieces.  It pays to keep an eye out for sales and coupons!!!!

Then, I visited the clearance racks in the Women's Department.  They had mostly long sleeve shirts on the regular racks, and I'm not into long sleeves much.  I found a bunch of shirts that I really liked, and the most expensive ones were these three that I got to match with the sweaters.
Each of these three shirts was actually less than $20 each!  That's a great price for them.  They will go with these sweaters and they will match just about all my pants and skirts.
Then I found these shirts, which, if you know me, yell "THE MARCI FACTOR".  They're unique and original.  They will match my other outfits, but that's not why I got these.  I LOVE the colors, and on the third one, the pattern.  

All three of these shirts will go great with the Lilla Rose Flexi of the Month, which is a Peacock.  I'm in love with it and can't wait to wear it. (Shameless plug here)
So, for all of the clothes that I got today, I SAVED more than I spent.  My total was $273.70 and my savings was $385.16!! This is why I love shopping at Belk!