Monday, September 30, 2013

Tracy Lawrence Concert and Pasadena Rodeo

Y'all know we don't often go to public events because of Mike's PTSD.  When we do go, we avoid the crowds, and the Pasadena Rodeo and Tracy Lawrence concert were no exception.  
Even though we stuck to the edge of the crowd we had a great time.

For the concert, we stayed in the stands while everyone else went down to the rodeo floor.  I'm OK with this because I know how hard it is for Mike to even go to something with this many people.  

See all the empty stands, we're on the opposite side and it was just as empty.  It was a great concert and the meet and greet was AWESOME!  But, I wish I could have danced on the floor with Mike.  We dance well together, but there were just too many people down there for his comfort.  

One of my goals (after we get his PTSD service dog) is to take James to a theme park...even if it's Six Flags, I would just love for him to have an enjoyable day.  Right now, we don't even think about all that because of the anxiety that Mike feels even thinking about going to a crowded place.  My goal is to get plans finalized before the end of the year for a Service dog for Mike, but we can't do that without help.  Please, forward my blog to friends, post it on twitter, Facebook, any social media will help get the word out.  Mike is one Veteran that would benefit greatly from a Service Dog.  We're getting desperate here! LOL