Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is There A Sign On My Forehead?

OK, will someone please tell me if I'm wrong.  Is there a sign on my head that says, "she's an idiot, don't listen to her" or "she doesn't know what she's talking about"? Because today, even though it was polite, I got the brush off from another community oriented place.  Seriously, before you brush someone off and make them feel inferior or make them feel like they're bothering you, look at who they are.  If someone is VOLUNTEERING their services, look at what they can do, look at their information  or SOMETHING before you tell them to "go ask so and so" or "she's really busy today." Because people like me...yeah...if you make me feel like crap I won't help you out or donate anything, or even offer my knowledge.  

Yesterday, I asked to speak with the director of a place.  Here's about how it went.
"May I ask who's calling?" 
Yes, My name is Marcella Cook.
"May I ask who you are with?"
"May I ask what this is in regards to?"
Yes, ma'am, I'm wanting to offer to teach classes on social media and also to offer classes on couponing and how to save money.
"Please hold.
OK no problem.

Click..."let me transfer you" 
Thank You.
"This is so and so's voicemail, please leave a message and I will get back to you etc"
(I'm not sure what it said because I hung up.)
Seriously...I know that you told her what you thought was important, and gave her the information and THEN transfered me straight to her voicemail.  I'M. NOT. AN. IDIOT. 
Though there are people in this town that think they are qualified to tell me that!

So, I called back. 
Same thing...This is Marcella Cook etc etc.
"Hold please."
Yes, ma'am.
 "Ma'am she's actually in an interview."

OK seriously, you're going to tell me this NOW...after you had me on hold again?  Do you honestly think that I'm that much of an idiot?  If so, you don't deserve to have that job.

Then today...I actually walked into a place.
"Well, our Facebook page is run by a couple of our volunteers and they're busy right now."
OK, can you please let her know that Marcella Cook is here and I spoke with her last night.
"She's really busy doing this and she can't be bothered because she's busy."
OK, can I wait.
"I don't know how long it's going to take."
Is there any way that you can tell her I'm here?
"They're in the middle of this and they need to finish it."

Ummm...OK.   Seriously.  If you're a place that relies HEAVILY on dontations, do you really think you should brush someone off?

Now, I know that some of this may be because I have the broken front tooth.  But, before you judge a person on how they look, you should get to know that person.  Yes, my teeth are a mess...but it's not for lack of insurance or funds.  It's because of TIME.  See, there's only certain places that accept our insurance and the dentists around here don't like it very much.  So, in order for me to go to the dentist, I have to make a day trip to Livingston.  Then arrange for DH to take care of Monster etc etc.  Before when Monster was in daycare, this was fine because we would be home before 5PM, but now he gets off the bus at 11:30 AM every day.  Which totally cuts out these trips.  Not to mention, the last time that we had everything set up, I found out I was pregnant.  So, this isn't just something that I can say, "Yeah, I'm going to do this next week", it takes planning and arranging.

Oh yeah, the reason my teeth are messed's called Dilantin...a medicine that I take for seizures.  It's the one that works for me, but it has the bad side effects of destroying someones teeth.  It's not because I have poor dental hygiene, because before I was on Dilantin, I had beautiful teeth!!!  This isn't something that I can help or prevent...these were messed up from the INSIDE OUT.  

So, yeah...the place I went to today (I'm not saying where, but I think they have a good idea), THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL INFERIOR!!! You know know what a valuable resource you lost out on!!!