Monday, March 4, 2013

Fundraisers Going On

I'm going to start this as a regular post because I do support so many friends and fundraisers!
Here are two that are near and dear to my heart and I do hope that you support my wonderful friends in this, as I've already donated to both of them!!
First is a Relay for Life fundraiser.  Head on over to Relay For Life and donate to "Sleepwalking Turtles"!! Not only do you get that donation to count on your taxes, but if you message Judy or Arthur after you donate, you can get some awesome keychains.  She's asking $3.00 for each keychain, but you can always donate more!!! The event is May 17, 2013. These are the keychains I got for Valentine's Day and they were a total surprise to DH...especially since it was from his Army Buddy. (He still can't figure out how I do most of what I do online without him knowing)
Next up is this AWESOME raffle from Van Horn Ministries. A lot of people don't know this, but I have a Biker background.  It has always been a part of me, and the only reason I'm not riding right now is because Monster is too young.  When he gets older, we're going to get bikes again!!  I've always been a great friend to one of the people at Van Horn Ministries, and I used to baby sit her son when he was a toddler...he's an adult now, so that tells you how long we've been in each others lives. 
Up until June 8, 2013, you can donate online HERE, and for every $5.00 donated, you get a ticket in the raffle for this beautiful ring!!! Once you donate, just send an email HERE and the best part...they will mail you the ring!!! You don't even have to be there to win!!!  Ya'll know if I win's gonna be a new giveaway!!! (Maybe)
Also, please let me know if you donate to either of these so that I can recognize you for your donations! (If you want)