Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FREE Atkins Quick Start Kit + 3 FREE Bars

In keeping with my New Year's Resolution and trying to exercise more I found this.  
You can get a FREE Atkins Starter kit, which includes "The New Atkins for a New You Workbook", a "Carb Counter" book, the "Quick Start Guide" and THREE FREE ATKINS BARS!

I've tried them before and they're pretty good, and I also want to improve on my diet, so I quickly ordered one!  It's limit ONE kit per household, while supplies last. 
You can then join the community and keep track of your weight loss progress.

Just go HERE to sign up!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

FREE Designer Glasses, Just Pay Shipping!!!

OK...I wanted to be quiet about this one until I actually got my glasses and could see the quality and I'M IN LOVE!!!

I have contacts from my last eye exam but, if you know me, you know I'm mostly a glasses person so I don't have to deal with them.  Even though my contacts are extended wear, I usually only wear them a day or two.  I'm just used to my glasses.  So, this last time I was sure I was only going to wear my contacts, that I didn't even buy glasses...dummy me!! 

Well, now I got a new pair of glasses for FREE and they're wonderful! I only had to pay shipping and insurance, which was less than $15 total.  I got them today and I'm so happy with them.  

So, now I'm going to tell you that Coastal is the site for glasses, and right now, for a limited time you can use the promo code FIRSTPAIRFREE and get your first pair of glasses FREE!!!

Here's my glasses today:
 You can see they came with a guarantee, a HARD case and an eyeglass cleaning set with that ever so important REPAIR screwdriver!! 

There are hundreds of frames to choose from and you can even upload a picture of yourself to see if they look good on you!! 
All you have to do is go HERE and pick a pair.  Then, put in your prescription and your pupil distance, which my doctor put on my prescription, but some don' that case they have a little ruler you can print out.

At checkout, you put in the promo code FIRSTPAIRFREE and it will deduct the cost of the frames and basic lenses.  You still have to pay for extras!  You pay shipping and insurance, which in my case came out to $12.05.  Not bad for a new pair of glasses, huh?
Here I am wearing my new glasses.  Ain't I styling?? LOL!  If you have kids, or even if you're prone to losing your glasses, this is a great offer to grab.  So, please use this link -->HERE to go and order yourself a pair!!

Friday, January 11, 2013


I know this may not be a big thing for most of my readers, but DH and I have an agreement.  I cook all the wonderful food and he does the dishes.  I. HATE. DISHES.
It works out fairly well with it, and I do wash the dishes if I have to, but will do anything NOT to do it...LOL.

So, this morning DH got a heartattack!! I DID THE DISHES!!  I used my new Palmolive Fresh Infusions that I got from my Influenster VoxBox.  
As soon as I got it on Tuesday when I got my VoxBox, I was excited.  I've been using a different dish soap for as long as I can remember, and I stayed away from Palmolive because my mom always used it and I usually stay away from things to do anything like her.  

But I'm an open minded person, and open to try anything.  And, I tried it this morning, (Yes, I washed the dishes) and I'm kinda liking it.  
This is what my sink looked like before I started...I actually kept the dishes over the past couple days so I would have a full sink.  This is one of the few parts in my life where I'm NOT Eco-Friendly and I NEVER fill the sink up with water...I always wash my dishes under running water.

And, LOOK...
Clean Dishes!!! Done by me!!! WooHoo!! And my hands were soft also...I didn't need any lotion after doing the dishes like I usually do on the rare times I do the dishes.

 The Palmolive in my clean sink!! I'm loving this scent!!

Here's the other sink that I didn't use.  I love how the bubbles come up from the drain! LOL

The only thing I didn't like was the bottle is round and very hard to grip with wet hands.  Maybe if there was a little groove or two that would help people pick up the bottle with wet hand!! But, this is a new product and I'm pretty sure that they're working on that!!

If you would like to get a coupon for these, please contact me using the buttons on the upper right side, and I will send one.  I only have 3 of them, I've already given away a few. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Get FREE $5 in your PayPal with Ibotta!

I found this app about a month ago, and wanted to make sure it was a good app before I told you guys about it.  I made the mistake with the Jingit app, which has had NOTHING new for me in over a MONTH!  But, Ibotta is MUCH BETTER!!

And, until Friday at Noon PST, if you get the app and register, you can get a FREE $5 in your paypal EXTRA! This is on top of all the great offers that they already have.  So, how easy is it to use this app?

Well, all you have to do is register and then before you go shopping (or after if you're me, they still let you do it) look at the "offers" and choose what you're already going to buy.  They PAY you to buy this stuff.  You click on "all offers" and scroll through until you find what you're planning on buying.  Then click on the offer and you get anywhere from 1-3 different tasks to get paid.  Most of them are:
1. Learning a fact--this is incredibly easy.  You're buying it anyway, right?  Just click on the learn a fact and you get paid.
2. Take a poll--again pretty easy, it's usually only 1 question.
3. Share on Facebook--I've found that this is with almost EVERY offer!! If you have your facebook settings like me (most status updates are "only me") you don't even bother your friends, yet you still get credit for it.
4.  Watch a video--these are a short video about the product...very easy.

You click on each task and watch the money add up!! YES, IT'S THAT EASY!!! Once you get home, you take a picture of your receipt and upload it along with the UPC of the product.  If you're receipt is super long, all you have to do is click "more receipt" or something like that, and take another picture.  You can take as many pictures as you need to get the whole receipt.  The app helps you line up the receipt and everything!  This is VERY USER FRIENDLY! 

So, why not get paid to buy what you would normally buy anyway?  What are you waiting for, get the app and register HERE!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Julep Nail Polish at Fab!!!

OK, so I admit, I've totally been slacking this week.  I barely caught this one and there's only 21 hours left in this sale!!!
Julep nail polish is on sale at Fab!!!

I'm a big fan of Julep nail polish and wear it almost all the time.
It's very easy to put on and with their Quick Drying drops, which aren't on sale here, it's very easy for me to do my nails.  

Here's two sets that are for sale:
These nail polishes are normally $15 each, and right now you can get THREE for only $25!! 

The cuticle oil works wonders!!! I use it personally EVERY DAY on my nails and have had less problems with hangnails!  
I'm also a big fan of glitter nail polish...or glitter anything lately!

With only 21 HOURS left of this sale...I would hurry over and get it before it's gone!!!
Also, if you're a friend of mine on Facebook, I can send you a $10 Fab Gift card, just let me know if you want one.  That would make THREE nail polishes for the price of ONE!!! 
If you're not a friend, you can send me a friend request HERE and let me know you would like a gift card.