Friday, October 26, 2012

Baskins Western Wear is the place to shop!

We all know I'm country! Very country!
So, in our family we do most of our shopping at Baskins Western Wear!
The reason why? Because we can get all the things we need. 
Monster always wears Wrangler jeans.
DH always wears Wrangler jeans and some type of shirt, either 20X, Cinch, or Wrangler.
*These are all different types of Wrangler shirts, but most people know them by the type.*
I wear Wrangler Auras and some dress shirts, depending on my mood for the day. 
I also love shopping at Baskins because of the atmosphere and friendly staff every time we go there!
 This view is from the front door to the left as you walk in.  You can see it's always clean and warm.
This is from the front door to the right.  Again, warm atmosphere and friendly staff.

 So, Baskins had a facebook referral contest and even though I had less than 25 friends sign up, I still won.  The prize was $100 gift card!  I do enter almost all of Baskins contests and sweepstakes.  Mainly because I like to support them, but also because it helps dress us. 
This is Cari who helped us pick out shirts for Monster since that's what we needed most.
 We ended up getting two long sleeve shirts and one short sleeve shirt for Monster.
And a beautiful belt for me, since my belt is ten years old and carries bad memories.

Me standing outside our local Baskins with Monster!

Right now, Baskins has a promotion where you can possibly win the most liked Justin boot. 
Just click HERE to "like" your favorite style and enter the sweepstakes.  
Yep,  I already entered!

Baskins also has another boot giveaway plus two tickets to the SHSU vs. Southeastern Louisiana football game along with a preferred parking pass!  
(Even though I'm an SFA fan, I still entered because you can NEVER have too many boots!)
This ends on October 30, 2012 at 12:01 AM Central Time.
You can enter HERE.

Another thing that I like is that Baskins has a VIP program where you can get special coupons and offers emailed to you.  I tell you, that 10-20% off coupon really comes in handy when they send them!! 

Oh yeah, the really AWESOME part!!
Follow me because next month Baskins has generously offered a pair of Women's Ariat boots to one lucky reader!! 
(That post to come later)