Monday, August 6, 2012

Coach Color Tag Contest!!

If ya'll could please please click on my color swatch for Coach!

In celebration of Coach’s brand new Legacy Collection, inspired by the Coach archives and colors throughout Coach history, we are spreading the love of color all over the internet with ColorTag. I have always been a HUGE Coach fan. I have always had a favorite Coach color though, and that is of course PURPLE! It’s just so rich and beautiful! I love it when it is mixed in with the Legacy stripes the most! Check out my swatch below!

 I need YOUR help PLEASE  to spread this gorgeous color all over the internet! All you have to do is “tag” it by clicking on the color above!! What’s in it for you? There will be more than 100 Coach Gift Cards – ranging from $100 to $500 – that appear at random in the embedded swatches. Make sure to let me know if you find one and WIN!!

I can have other colors so please tag these also!!