Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yearly Back To School Eye Exams

Ever since Monster started showing the signs of Strabismus, I've paid special attention to his eyes.  Not to mention, since DH and I both wear glasses, we want to make sure his eyes are taken care of.  
Sooooo...on Friday we all had our annual eye exam at Angelina Eye Center.  Now, I have to say that I LOVE
going to them because of the care they have taken with our eyes.  We always have Dr. Robinson check our eyes, and he is an excellent eye doctor.
When Monster first started showing the signs of Strabismus, I was worried about finding a doctor to check his eyes since he was so young, but that wasn't a problem for Dr. Robinson.  And Monster got his first pair of glasses at around 6 months old.  

We caught it at such a young age, that after about another 6 months, when we had his eyes checked, he didn't need them anymore.  

So, what's new with our eyes this year?  Well, Dr. Robinson said that mommy's left eye is "lazy" and that's the reason I need the prescription for the left eye.  And of course, there's the usual TheMarciFactor, with one eye nearsighted and one eye farsighted.  (YES people that is my true prescription, I have a positive in one eye and negative in the other eye...makes all doctors do a double take to make sure they read it right!) Daddy's eyes are much worse because of his medicine.  At first, Dr. Robinson told DH to get checked for diabetes because of the drastic change in his prescription, and then realized that one of the medicines causes the change, sooooo...we're still going to get him checked for diabetes just to be safe.  
And, here is the pic of Monster getting his eyes checked by the GREAT Dr. Robinson!

You can tell he was getting tired towards the end of his exam, and that's the reason daddy is holding him!