Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Have you heard of YooDara?

My friend Egg always finds the coolest things...I know that's weird for me, seeing as I manage to find some cool things!  But, when she came up to invade my RV, she brought me these two AWESOME YooDara keychains!!
These two are Champ and Ellie!  
I am so in LOVE with these little cuties!!

So now, here is the Legend!
And here are all 36 of the adorable little ones!
The wonderful people at YooDara have sent me EIGHT little cuties to giveaway.  Starting soon (it may be tomorrow or it may be TONIGHT) I will have EIGHT giveaways (some may be an hour, some may be all day)!
This will continue until they're gone.  So, keep watching my FB page because that's where I will announce all EIGHT giveaways!  Each one is for ONE of these ADORABLE YooDara!
There will be different tasks for the entries and I plan to have a little fun with this!!