Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Julep is on Sale today!!!

I can't say enough about Julep nail polish! Except that they're on SALE today on Zulily!!!
For as little as $24.99 you can get 4 colors and some quick dry drops. 
I have to tell you...I live by these quick dry drops!
If you've been waiting to get some Julep, today is the day!!!

 This was my collection a couple months ago...I'm always expanding it and looking for the good deals!

 This color is: Gayle! And yes I'm in love with it because it's purple!!!
 This is the Quick Dry Drops, and if you're a busy person like me, I highly recommend you get this.  One drop on each nail and I don't have the problems with half dried nails and getting them messed up.  So, if you've been wanting to try Julep, I would head over and get some before they sell out...and these will sell out fast!!!