Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Day Weekend

So, it's Independence Day weekend.  The Fourth of July has special meaning for this family.  My DH is retired Army and has served in two wars, the Gulf War and Iraq.  And we don't take any freedoms for granted here.  There are certain days throughout the year that I know to leave DH alone because he is still battling his demons from the wars.  But then, there are days that I need to pay more attention to him, and it takes practice to walk that fine line and know the difference. 

Yesterday, even though he was really tired, he had to get up early because of the headache from the hydrocephalus.  Until they put another shunt in, the fluid builds up.  The only way to relieve the pressure is for him to sit up and let the fluid "drain".  So, poor DH had to wake up early to get rid of a headache.  Thank you Army and Iraq. 

So, what are we going to do this weekend.  Probably not much as it's rainy here in East Texas.  We practice safety here, so we're not even going to risk going to the lake.  We might bar-b-que!  Of course,  since this is Monster's "first" (we don't count last year because he was so little we didn't take him anywhere) Fourth of July, I am going to go get some fireworks.  Just a few to set off here in the yard, and since the ground is wet, we don't have to worry about dry grass.  I will probably craft this weekend and DH will most likely work on homework and extra credit for his classes.

Well, so now I've told you what I'm doing for the Fourth of July, what are your plans? Please leave a comment if you would like!