Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Life Happens

So, a couple weeks ago I get an email from Texas Workforce.

Telling me that HUD looked at my case and that they are finding just cause.

Since Texas Workforce told me to sign that settlement, they're not willing to help anymore.

So, if I have any attorney friends, or anyone that knows anyone.

I have to get out of this contract that Texas Workforce had me sign...then I can go after the apartments...since Texas Workforce found just cause (I don't know because they won't talk to me anymore) I can file a lawsuit against the apartments.  

It's a fairly good's a VERY STRONG case with lots of evidence.

So, I'm going to push it...and tell the world what happened to me with University they harassed me after I filed the fair housing complaint.  

The parent company is DTI Investments, out of California.  They have apartments everywhere and prey on college students.  So, please, if you know anyone...let me know!