Monday, August 23, 2010

Fancy Nails and Pretty Eyelashes!

 How many of you played dress up as little ones? Did you always want the pretty nails and eyes? I know the only way that I was ever able to get my nails to look nice, was to go and pay $25.00 every two weeks for a manicurist. It got to be pretty expensive, and as I wasn’t working, I rarely got my nails done. But, I always liked getting my nails done. And, I’ve only one time in my life had a facial done. With that being said, I rarely wear nail polish and little more than the basic makeup.

Recently, I had the opportunity to review some products from Revlon. I was sent some false eyelashes and glue on nail tips. Now, I have to admit, I’m normally a Plain Jane and never really spent much time with makeup and nails. The most experience I ever had with false eyelashes was watching Barbara Harris in Freaky Friday. My mother never wore them, and I never felt I had a need for them as I had long eyelashes. But, when I put them on, I was amazed. They were incredibly easy to apply and very comfortable to wear. The first day, I wore the self-adhesive eyelashes. I was impressed as to how natural they looked. My brother-in-law came by the house, and I asked him if he could tell a difference and he couldn’t. Next, it was the big step and the eyelashes that you needed to apply the adhesive. I was a bit nervous about this as I’m a tad on the clumsy side.

Again, they were incredibly easy to apply. In fact, I liked the glue on lashes better than the self adhesive. They were nicer and more natural looking to me. I am a new fan of the false eyelashes. I won’t think that they are for pageants or for extra special occasions anymore. I’ve been wearing them around 2-3 times a week since I got them and love them!!!

My take on the false eyelashes? Well, I prefer the glue on more than the self adhesive. They look completely natural and are extremely comfortable. They’re easy to apply and easy to take off. They’re re-usable as long as you take care of them. The drawback, since I’m a big fan now, I’m gonna have to start buying more.

Then it was the glue on fingertips. First I tried the Mauve glue on nails from Revlon. I loved them. They were fairly easy to apply. Remember, I’m a klutz and did end up with glue on my fingertips. It was recommended to only wear them for a week, but I was able to stretch it out to ten days until they started to show wear. They fit comfortable and the length was perfect. So, I took them off. The directions stated to soak them in acetone to take them off, but I was able to just pull them off with a little pulling. The glue was strong enough to handle me unhooking the car seat and washing dishes, yet, after 10 days it was easy enough to just pull them off without having to soak them.

Next, it was the French Manicure tips from Nailene. When I put them on and asked my DH what he thought of them, he was a bigger fan of the French Manicure. (You learn something new everyday!) So, this is also something else that I will buy every month. I like the nails so much that I’m going to continue to wear them. I was sent a set of tips with a zebra pattern on them, and I’m saving those for my trip to Chicago later this month.

I was also sent a paint on French Manicure set, and honestly I did try it….but I warned you guys I’m not good with painting nails. It was a NIGHTMARE for me! I can’t even use clear nail polish, but for normal people, it’s fairly easy as there are “stickers” you can put on your nails to make the French Manicure look more professional. I think I managed to get one nail actually looking good! I just have no luck EVER with painting my nails. I never seem to let it dry long enough, no matter how long I’m gentle with my nails.

So, where can you find these fabulous eye lashes and glue on nails? Just about any department store that sells make-up like Wal-Mart or Target. You can also find them at drugstores like Walgreen’s or CVS. You can also stick with the old standby and order them online.

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