Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Budget Analysis before moving into the RV

There's going to be a bunch of posts today as I do the budget analysis and we get ready to move into the RV.  But first, I wanted to see what our bills are before the consolidation and move.

With a somewhat accurate budget printed out, I have decided that no matter how cold or warm we keep the RV it WILL NOT cost us the 547.59 (averaged) electric we've been paying.  Keep in mind that this is the previous 3 months, and that it was summer.  In winter, the average electric bill goes down to 250.00 while the gas goes up to around 100.00.  Most of our other expenses are fixed with 100.00 a month being put into savings to pay for our insurance on all vehicles including the RV.  Daycare is 220 a month, and we're seriously considering just letting Monster come home in the afternoons.  So, moving into the RV and eating at home will save us approximately 500-600 a month.  We're going to keep track of expenses though.  

This weekend, we're moving things into the RV and I'm going to fill the fridge etc.  I'm going to use some gift cards that I've won and saved up to get space saving items from the stores today and just set everything up.  We're going to make the whole move during the weekend.  

I'm hoping that we can make Monster's naptime easier by pulling the curtains closed on the bed and letting him sleep up there.  We're all excited about this move and DH even mentioned putting everything in storage and moving to an RV park in Houston.  That would increase our rent 250 a month, but cut down on utilities, so this is the big test.  

Now, the weather is rainy outside and it's getting darker.  It seems to be a gloomy day, but at least we can set the awning on the RV and all that other stuff.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do You Know What it's Like?

I don't really know where to begin this blog, and I REALLY shouldn't have to post something like this situation.  Yes, I wanted to make people more aware of what Veteran's go through when they  come home, but not like this.

Last night, I was talking to someone very close to me, and this person ended up saying that the reason my husband is "so sick" (he has a TBI, he's not sick!!!) is because of KARMA!! I was so LIVID that I had to hang up on this person because they know nothing about what goes on here, and it just shows how STUPID some people can be.  

My husband has a Traumatic Brain Injury, not because of something he did, not because he was a bad person, and certainly not because of Karma.  He has the TBI because HE FOUGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY IN WAR.  HE was in a unit that was bombed daily.  There is a reason I leave him alone on January 7 of every year.  Because I can't begin to know what it's like to go through what he went through.  The only thing I CAN do is be there for him.

Do you know what it's like to have your spouse withdraw from you because they don't know who to turn to for help?
Do you know what it's like to hear them have NIGHTMARES because of what they have seen and lived through?
Do you know what it's like to have your spouse constantly degrade themselves because they think they're dumb now and can't remember his schoolwork?
Do you know what it's like to only be able to hold them in the middle of the night because they are shaking so much from said NIGHTMARES?
Do you know what it's like?
i. do.
Those are two little words that I said on my wedding day, that I live every day.  It's ironic that they mean so much now in my life.  Two little words that say more than you can know.
I'm not even going to begin to say that my life is easy because of this.  I'm not going to begin to say I CHOOSE this life because it choose me.  I am going to say that I LOVE MY HUSBAND very much.  We may have our arguments, and we may not always get along, but we both know that we're there for each other.  
So, before you begin to judge me for my actions, or say that someone deserved a Traumatic Brain Injury, please think of what you are saying.  No one deserves this!!
I believe that God never gives you more than you can handle.  I also say that God must think I'm pretty strong because, every time I think my life starts to even out, every time I think I have it handled....a little something more comes along.  
If you know someone that is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, who is a Veteran, or who has a Brain Injury, please pass this along.  Let them know they're not alone.  Let them know that there are others who know what they're going through and that even though they think they're alone, there is always someone out just gotta find them.
As for that person that said this was Karma.....GROW UP!!! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

iRazoo is Now International!!!

Ya'll know I'm all about the sites where I can earn points for gift cards!  iRazoo is now open to INTERNATIONAL users!  Users in the USA can earn up to 2,800 points a day watching videos, and a $5.00 Amazon GC is only 3,000 points, so this really helps out.  Especially with Christmas coming up!!! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where was TheMarciFactor this weekend?

As most of you know, I'm around my computer almost all the time.  BUT, this weekend I was
Scary thought huh?  So, many of you have bombarded my Facebook asking me "where are you?"
Well, we're on the list for season tickets for the Houston Texans (the Astros also, but that's another story) and DH got an email on Friday saying there were extra tickets to the season opener today.  Soooo, completely spur of the moment, we bought four tickets!!!
Oh yeah...and two parking passes because of the new (to us) RV!
So, to make a weekend of it, we left on Saturday.  Didn't have any specific plans or anything, so we said, "what the heck? Let's go to Galveston!" So, we did.
And Monster (and Mommy) got to see the Gulf of Mexico!!
This was the view from the RV as we were headed to the Island.
So, how did Monster react to the Beach?  Well, it took some coaxing...

But, then he was addicted!!

And I have to post this pic, just because he's so much like his daddy in this one! Look at the stance!!!
How addicted was he?? Well, he started running away from us when we said it was time to go.  Mommy had to literally RUN fast to get him!!!

And then my wonderful husband was collecting seashells for me!!!
Then comes SUNDAY!
We arrived early in the Purple lot and these were my favorite tailgaters!!!
This was our view...nosebleed but hey, it WAS last minute and season opener! What else could you ask for on short notice??
I love when they do this!!

Couple of pics of the game! 
And then, SURPRISE...guess who performed during halftime?
Billy Ray Cyrus!
This says it all!!! Enjoy and I promise I will give a little notice next time I'm unplugged!!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tire and Electronic Recycle Day

While out and about yesterday I noticed that Hudson and Lufkin are hosting a tire and electronic recycling day on Saturday, September 8, 2012.

Hudson is from 8 AM until 11:30 AM behind City Hall. 
They are accepting tires, car batteries, televisions, and computer equipment.  
There is no fee for most of the items, and you can recycle up to 8 car/light truck tires at no fee.  After that is a small fee.
There are also accepting Semi-truck tires for a small fee also. 

Lufkin is from 8 AM until 2 PM at the City of Lufkin Solid Waste/Regional Recycling Center. 
If you don't know where it is, the best way is to tell you it's on the same street that the Blue Bell distribution center is at.  The address is: 500 South Park Drive.
They are accepting the same things as Hudson for about the same fees.

For more information for Hudson Recycling Day, you can call City Hall at: (936) 875-2358 
and for information on Lufkin Recycling Day you can click HERE to visit the website.

We're taking our old TV up there.  Are any of my local readers taking anything up there this weekend? Leave a comment, and if I get a bunch, there might be a giveaway.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

22 years today

Today marks 22 years.

I know that there are people that still hurt every year.  Three people gone too soon with questions still unanswered, and will probably never be answered.

There are three families, and countless friends that mark the passing of our dear friends.

I met her in a private school my freshman year of school, she was in the same grade.  She fell in love with a guy in another class and they were a match made in Heaven. 

So, I'm not going to say much, except that everyone still misses Manessa and Kelsey very much.  I know they are watching us from Heaven, and that they are together forever.