Sunday, December 29, 2013

Adventures at Belk Bowl

So, I won a trip on twitter.  From Belk, to enjoy the Belk Bowl.  Yeah, I'm having FUN!

It started out horrible as there was some very loud people across the hall at our hotel that woke me up at 0230.  I couldn't get back to sleep.

Around 1000 Mike and I decided to head to the stadium for our adventures.  And, boy did we have fun.  
Without further adieu I will show you a lot of pics that I took and update more later.

BUT, first...I would like to say "HI" to all my new followers!! HIYAS! And, second...there will be a more detailed post coming this week.  

 This is how our day started.

 Such wonderful people at this hotel!

 Mike and I (along with Belkie) in the lobby of the hotel!

 Mike and Belkie in front of the fountain outside the hotel.

 One of Charlotte's police officers was kind enough to pose with Belkie.

 It's Belkie, with Belkie!!

 Yes, we met the president of Haggar
 Blake Shelton!!!!!

 Inside the tunnel getting ready to go ON THE FIELD!

 We were this close to the football players during pregame!

 What an AWESOME experience.

 Yes, I had to get this pic!  Just too coolies!

Oh, I soooo told Mike that I was putting this one on my blog.  He actually had a GREAT time and posed for a lot of pictures. I'm so proud of my husband!

 Belkie was having so much fun!

 We don't get too many good pictures of us, and I LOVE this one!

 I ran into both of the Mister's Belk on the field!  They're awesome people!

 This wonderful lady sang the National Anthem beautifully!

After a VERY long day, we're back at the hotel relaxing.

There will be another post of the adventures of Belkie, because he had a great time also.  

I want to say a special Thank You to all the wonderful people at Belk for this trip.  Especially Ruthie, Tigi and April.  Also, the wonderful staff at The Westin Charlotte for exceptional service.