Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Loveable Labels BlogHer'11 Getaway Contest

They annoy you, they make you laugh and cry, and they're always there for you when you need them. What are they? They are best friends! Everybody has one, and some people have a couple. For me, there's one person that has been in my life through thick and thin, and I call her Egg, she gave me my MarciMallow name.

Most people have a heartfelt story of how they met their best friends. Me,'s kinda funny. I was Assistant Manager of Diamond Shamrock in San Antonio, she lived in the neighborhood, and worked at IHOP. My manager had me working the closing shift because he knew I could handle just about anything that came in the store.

One night as I was cleaning the parking lot of the store, there was this station wagon that came careening around the corner, and literally almost HIT ME! I recognized the driver as a customer that came in every night and got a cup of Surge (man I really miss that drink.) The poor driver was shaking, and in a hurry. I checked her out, and she left the store in a hurry. I could tell she wasn't in any mood for even a "Hello". Afterward, I went about my business.

The next day, she came in again. Just like always, for her cup of Surge. I asked her if things were better that day, than the day before and she was so surprised that I remembered her, AND that I would care enough to ask how she was doing. She said yes, and that her boyfriend gave her a ring. She showed me the ring, and had to go to work. Thus, began our friendship.

This was way back in 1997. Egg and I have been friends ever since that day. There's some friends that you know you have a deeper connection with, and that's how it is with Egg and I. She has been there for me when I needed to talk, even at 2AM. The same goes for her calling me.

We've come to the conclusion that we are Soul Mates. Yes, my husband is also my Soul Mate, but with Egg, there's a different kind of Soul Mate. I've been there for her when she has had really down times, and she has been there for me when I've had fights with my husband. Last year, when my husband almost died and I had to stay at the Fisher House in Houston, Egg was there for me. She gave me a shoulder to cry on, and came up with me to the hospital most days.

If there is ever anything that can be said for us, it's that we are there to lean on each other and I don't think we could survive alone. We have leaned on each other for too long, that it's inconceivable for one of us to be alone.

When I had a miscarriage, Egg was the first one I called. When Egg is having a hard day, she calls me. We've both had our health problems, and we've both been there for each other. When I found a lump in my breast, she was the first person I called...AFTER the doctor. Yesterday, she found a lump in her breast. Her first call was not to the doctor, it was to me. Then I made her hang up and call the doctor.

Whatever happens, whenever it happens, Egg and I are there for each other. My husband knows that if anything ever happens to us, Monster goes to Egg. And if anything ever happens to Egg, her daughter (and her dog) comes to me.

So, it is with a lot of humor that I always say, "My best friend tried to kill me." There's not many people that can say that and mean it. And there's not that many people that have a history like Egg and I. She has the best sense of humor and is an excellent writer. She understands me when I start my "nerd talk" and will actually listen and have a true conversation with me. Egg is a one of a kind, truly wonderful person, and my best friend EVER.

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog as a contest entry for Loveable Labels BlogHer'11 Getaway Contest, but every word is very true as I love my Egg very much!