Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Budget Analysis before moving into the RV

There's going to be a bunch of posts today as I do the budget analysis and we get ready to move into the RV.  But first, I wanted to see what our bills are before the consolidation and move.

With a somewhat accurate budget printed out, I have decided that no matter how cold or warm we keep the RV it WILL NOT cost us the 547.59 (averaged) electric we've been paying.  Keep in mind that this is the previous 3 months, and that it was summer.  In winter, the average electric bill goes down to 250.00 while the gas goes up to around 100.00.  Most of our other expenses are fixed with 100.00 a month being put into savings to pay for our insurance on all vehicles including the RV.  Daycare is 220 a month, and we're seriously considering just letting Monster come home in the afternoons.  So, moving into the RV and eating at home will save us approximately 500-600 a month.  We're going to keep track of expenses though.  

This weekend, we're moving things into the RV and I'm going to fill the fridge etc.  I'm going to use some gift cards that I've won and saved up to get space saving items from the stores today and just set everything up.  We're going to make the whole move during the weekend.  

I'm hoping that we can make Monster's naptime easier by pulling the curtains closed on the bed and letting him sleep up there.  We're all excited about this move and DH even mentioned putting everything in storage and moving to an RV park in Houston.  That would increase our rent 250 a month, but cut down on utilities, so this is the big test.  

Now, the weather is rainy outside and it's getting darker.  It seems to be a gloomy day, but at least we can set the awning on the RV and all that other stuff.