Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!


Yes, I know it's a day late, but everyone else probably wrote the post yesterday and you were overwhelmed.  So, I decided to send out my greetings a day late.

First, I want to say that I have enjoyed having you as readers.  Some send me comments and some are pretty quiet.  

Next, we're going to HOPEFULLY be doing random acts of kindness all through the year.  I did this last year, but didn't post about it.  I've really enjoyed doing the random acts of kindness, and really it's not that hard.  

I'm also doing my Reverse Money Challenge this year.  I've already put away the funds for January, since I only get paid once a month.  (You can change it to when you get paid)

I'm going to be really busy this year as I'm headed back to school.  I can't wait!! I LOVE learning!  I'm going to have two classes with Mike so that I can help him with the studying.  There's nothing a wife wouldn't do for her husband to help him succeed.  (Besides...I need the classes for my degree also!)

It doesn't seem real that I'm going to be going back to school and finishing my degree.  It seems like, every time I've tried to complete it, life gets in the way.  Now, we're pretty settled as a family and barring any unforeseen incidents, I should be done in a couple of years.  

I also plan on keeping up with my blog more...I know I know...I've said this before.  But this time I MEAN IT!!!

And now, for you to keep me on track.  A couple of New Year's Resolutions!  

1.  Complete the Reverse Money Challenge

2.  Run a 5K.  This one is going to be tough because I have asthma and the running always makes me wheeze.  But with an inhaler, I will do it!!

3.  Keep up with Money Saver Marci A lot of you have asked me how I get the gift cards and credits that I get and that is where you will find all the deals, coupons, and money/point earning sites that I use.  

4.  Make it to a blogging conference.  This is my big goal because then, in my eyes, my blog is something...LOL.

These are the main resolutions.  I have more, but they tie into these, so I'm not going to list them.  BUT, I will be posting about my weight loss and healthy living changes.  And with this comes a photo that I'm not very proud of.

This is me in my exercise outfit.  This woman will not be standing here one year from now!  It's time for a change.  It's time to start living healthier!!

So, now that I've told you my New Year's Resolutions, what are your's?  Do they involve exercise?  Weight loss?  Saving money?  If so, hang out with me while I do all these things this year!