Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meteor Shower, Period, Truck Bed

I know you're thinking...what do these all have in common?  Well, tonight was the Geminids Meteor Shower.  That's the first thing.

I was helping QQ with a poetry assignment earlier tonight and DH messaged me that Monster was throwing a fit.  So, somehow I "flew out of the RV like a Russian jet" and skipped the steps, tripped over Egg and SOMEHOW ended up 20 feet away by the old tree stump.  (We're still trying to figure this out...totally different story.)

So, I get Monster settled down and go back outside.  DH is there with me and I mention that there's the meteor shower tonight and we should be able to see some of them.  Now, I know a lot of you only know me by reading my posts, but I've NEVER been accused of having any grace what-so-ever.  I can trip over thin air...IT HAS HAPPENED!!! 

Well, Egg and I are sitting there in the yard looking up at the sky and we both SWEAR the stars were playing tricks on us and moving.  I get the idea that we should get a blanket and lie back and watch it so we don't have to worry about falling over.  Yeah, I got ignored.  Then, we both mentioned, sitting in the bed of the truck and watching the sky.  But, the truck is parked under the trees, so I back it in the driveway and put the tailgate down.  Here comes the truck bed part.
Egg came out with pillows and a blanket.  The air was crisp and the sky was clear so we were able to see a lot of meteors.  

Now, the really hilarious part.  Yesterday, I started my period.  I've been raving about the Lunette cup that I've used for the past couple of months.  And, I'm completely open with Egg about everything.  Soooooo...we're lying in the bed of the truck and I start coughing.  *You know I've been sick and still have the cough* Well, Egg mentions "push Ms. Cook, push" because we were talking about the annual test that us women have and well...she knew that I had the cup in, and also what coughing does.  I told her the last time I heard anyone tell me to "push" when I was lying on my back was 18 years ago.  Well, laughing, coughing and pushing for about two hours we saw a BUNCH of meteors and laughed our butts off!!!  The best entertainment is always FREE!!!

For those that missed the meteor shower, I've read that you can see some of it again tomorrow.  
P.S. I should totally have a review and giveaway of the Lunette Cup! LOL.