Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daily Saves

This is a new project that I'm going to start, and I hope it works out. 

I love finding saves on the internet.  I found this one on Eversave that expires in 12 hours, but it's great for people that use the eco-friendly reusable bags like me.  You're limited to one purchase, but you can get one as a gift for someone else. Go check it out!!  

Here's one for Dallas area people.  (Because I love halfway in between Houston and Dallas)
It's $15 for 30 pounds of laundry service at The Washouse, man I wish I lived there...I would so get this one!!

And while we're at it, do you like earning points for searching the web, or opening emails (totally safe I promise you)?  I use SwagBucks and just recently DH was able to buy one of his books for school using the Amazon Gift Cards that I buy with my bucks.

I also use MyPoints and have been using is since 2004! Yep that's a long time!!! Basically, you get points for reading emails and clicking to go to that site.