Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is the weekend really over?

This week is finals week for DH.  So, he's studying his skinny butt off!
Monster, however, is enjoying having his Egg girlfriend so close.  I swear all he has to do is bat those little blue eyes and everyone falls over him.   
This year is almost coming to an end, and as I sit here for a couple minutes and actually was fairly decent.  
Monster is going to school.  I've been accepted into SFA and automatically given scholarships because of my grades.  So, next semester I'm probably going to attend school again.  YIKES!
Is it bad that I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up?  
I guess the smart choice would be to go for an Agriculture degree and that would help out with the farm.  But, really...those that know me from childhood, would you have ever guessed I would be a farmer?
Monster turns 4 in May, and we're looking into 4H for him.  I think we're gonna start out with...CHICKENS...Duh!
So, what has your weekend been like?  Me...I've got a tingly face because of breathing problems Egg is out getting coffee to help me breathe better.  Yes, it works!  Tonight I'm going to stay up and get some work done...and it's actually supposed to get cold overnight...WooHoo!

Get 5 Jelly Watches for $10

These are too cute everyday watches!! Right now, you can get 5 of them for only $10 and they make a great stocking stuffer!!!
These would be great everyday watches for your kids to wear to school, or even for you to wear while you're working around the house!  Hurry over and get them while you can because this is another of those three day sales!!

More Lightning Deals on Amazon today

G'morning everyone! As you can see, I stayed up late last night finding all sorts of deals for your last minute shopping!!! There's still more!!!
Amazon has LIGHTNING DEALS still, and I will try to keep up with posting the best ones for you.
I'm also going to be giving out some of those gift codes that I got, so remember, you should stay logged in HERE and click on the link I post...then click on upcoming deals and scroll right until you find what you want.  When the timer hits ZERO, you should start clicking.  Sometimes, I've had to go back HERE to get the deal!

Ugly Dolls...So Ugly they're CUTE!

When I first saw Ugly Dolls, I knew they were adorable!  I have friends that collect them because they're so darn Ugly they're cute!
And they're on sale!  I personally know of a couple people that will snatch these cuties up!
Don't you agree? Aren't these cutsie?  
Monster has a couple of them, and he used then when he was teething! LOL.  

So, there's also these Ugly Dolls with little backpacks on sale also!! These are great for those small day trips or to carry they're beloved toys in. 

20 Homework Excuses

Thought I would give you a little school humor! Here's 20 Funny Homework Excuses from Real Teachers on Facebook.  Thanks for allowing us to share this!

hw excuses 3 Homework Excuses

Vera Braley on SALE!!!

Ya'll know my LOVE of purses!  All kinds of purses!!
For another day Vera Bradley is on sale!!!
I've already gotten this purse...
This one was $29.90 and it's a $78.00 purse!!!
I'm going back and getting the wallet to go with it and have another matching set!
Here's some of the other designs that you can get, but you might want to hurry over and get them because there's only ONE DAY LEFT for this sale!!

So, who is the purseaholic in your life?  This is a great and inexpensive gift idea for them!!

Where's my Shoe Lover's??

TopFloor has some amazing sales that are ending today!! 
This sale only last for the next 12 hours,  so you might want to hurry if you want to get these awesome shoes!!!
Today at TopFloor!  
As you can see...these are AWESOME shoes! There's also a VERY LIMITED quantity left!!
I've told you about TopFloor before, and they have really good sales!  
A while back I got these 10 Ft. Apple charging cords and they're AWESOME!!!
These aren't on sale right now, but I'm hoping they come back REAL SOON, so I can get more!
There's also these Guardian Stones that would make a really great gift under the  Christmas Tree! These are actually pretty cheap for gifts!
Don't tell a certain QQ, but I'm going to get these for her for Christmas!!

FREE Paperblanks Calendars--Just pay SHIPPING

I've already told you how I love Fab.
Well, here's another reason.  
You can get these AWESOME Paperblanks Calendars FREE....Yep, that was FREE, just pay shipping of $4.95!! 
I have to say this is a great deal as I got the Ornate Fuchsia Weekly Calendar from another site a couple weeks ago.  And I already have it in hand.
These come with not one but TWO ribbons to keep track of your appointments.  I'm using mine to mark the monthly at a glance and the second one to mark the weeks.  
Now, how do you score this for the shipping cost?  WELL...first you need to send me a Facebook friend request HERE.  Then, join Fab HERE.  As soon as I've accepted your friend request, I will send you the $10 Fab gift card through Wrapp.  
If you get the $10 Calendars, then all you have to pay is shipping.  There are some that are more, and in that case the gift card will be taken off of the total amount.  YOU DO NOT NEED A MINIMUM AMOUNT TO USE THIS CARD!
Below is a screencap of the gift card automatically applied to your account on checkout.  I hope this helps you guys!