Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just Because it's FRIDAY!!

First I want to say "THANK YOU" to everyone that has helped me this month with the BIG blog contest that I've entered.  Secondly, I want to say "THANK YOU" to the tag police that have clearly decided that I don't have the support from my wonderful friends and fans!  

Third...for most of my friends this was the first week back at school for the kiddos.  Did you survive the week?? Lemme know, if you want! 

And last but not least because I'm in a SNARKY mood because I have been seriously IRKED by said tag police I'm going to have a giveaway.'s how it's gonna go.

1. Because of the above situation, I've done some serious cleaning of my FB fan page!
Now, in case I deleted you BY ACCIDENT please feel free to "like" my page again for this giveaway.  

2.  You MUST post on my wall that you're a fan, either new or old and leave the link in the form below.  If, by some weird circumstance you're unable to comment on my wall, please email me. (remember I am TheMarciFactor and things do go all sorts of crazy just by being associated with me) 

3. Hope you get the lucky email!  And, depending on my mood (it is the first week of school after all) I may or may not give away more prizes for this giveaway!  Input SNARKYNESS!!!

I didn't want to do any giveaways during said blog contest because I did NOT want any confusion as to me offering this giveaway, you DO NOT have to do anything other than the 3 items above.  This is not associated with any "contest" of any sort, and this is just because I'm a smartalec SNARKY person!! 
Yeah Yeah, I guys LOVE me! LOL.

Pat yourselves on the back!! You've survived the first week of back-to-school!!!!
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Tomorrow is the last day for Coach Color Tag

Hey everyone, tomorrow is the last day to try to win a Coach Gift Card in the Color Tag Contest.  All you have to do is mouse over my color swatches, and if you win, it will pop up...but it would really be helping me in the blog contest if you actually tag the colors...Pretty Please?  You guys are wonderful!!! You got me to first, but then I dropped to I'm working and asking everyone!! Thanks in advance!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New post for TBI Life

OK guys, I'm trying to incorporate both of our blogs, and since this deals with the TBI life I wrote it over there. Please read it, and also join that site!  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yearly Back To School Eye Exams

Ever since Monster started showing the signs of Strabismus, I've paid special attention to his eyes.  Not to mention, since DH and I both wear glasses, we want to make sure his eyes are taken care of.  
Sooooo...on Friday we all had our annual eye exam at Angelina Eye Center.  Now, I have to say that I LOVE
going to them because of the care they have taken with our eyes.  We always have Dr. Robinson check our eyes, and he is an excellent eye doctor.
When Monster first started showing the signs of Strabismus, I was worried about finding a doctor to check his eyes since he was so young, but that wasn't a problem for Dr. Robinson.  And Monster got his first pair of glasses at around 6 months old.  

We caught it at such a young age, that after about another 6 months, when we had his eyes checked, he didn't need them anymore.  

So, what's new with our eyes this year?  Well, Dr. Robinson said that mommy's left eye is "lazy" and that's the reason I need the prescription for the left eye.  And of course, there's the usual TheMarciFactor, with one eye nearsighted and one eye farsighted.  (YES people that is my true prescription, I have a positive in one eye and negative in the other eye...makes all doctors do a double take to make sure they read it right!) Daddy's eyes are much worse because of his medicine.  At first, Dr. Robinson told DH to get checked for diabetes because of the drastic change in his prescription, and then realized that one of the medicines causes the change, sooooo...we're still going to get him checked for diabetes just to be safe.  
And, here is the pic of Monster getting his eyes checked by the GREAT Dr. Robinson!

You can tell he was getting tired towards the end of his exam, and that's the reason daddy is holding him!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Pretties to Tag...if you want to...

OK...I've looked and since I'm horribly undecided, I'm adding more pretty colors!! So, go ahead and tag away and hopefully you will win one of the wonderful gift cards!! Good Luck and hopefully you win a gift card!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

More pretty colors

Here's some more pretty colors and more chances for you to win in the Coach Color Tag Contest: Remember, the more you tag, the better chance you have to win one of the instant win prizes!! Thanks in advance guys!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coach Color Tag for Today!

Hello everyone!!! Here's today's colors so please click and tag!!
Don't forget you could also win a gift card just for tagging colors!! 
I appreciate all the help that you're giving me!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daddy and Monster Language And New Tag

Since I don't have a good relationship with my parents, I strongly encourage Monster to be with his daddy, especially after what his daughters did.  So, I love to watch the Daddy and Monster communication that goes on between those two.  There's that special bond that can only be between a father and son!

This is one of my favorite examples of what I mean.

Daddy has been staying late at school for extra tutoring in that dreaded ALGEBRA. So, yesterday, when I expected just daddy home so that we could get Monster, they both come in the door.  Monster goes about doing his playing and goes to his room, but Daddy calls him back into the kitchen with this:
"Monster, you wanna blah blah blah"
You read that right...blah blah blah!!!

There's a special communication between them.  Instead of Monster asking "what did you say?", he just came in yelling "yes".

Now, me being mommy...I have no clue what all that was about!!! But, apparently Monster did!  And they do it quite often.

So, I would like to your family, is there a special language between daddy and kiddo? 

Just wondering if we're semi-normal or totally off the charts crazy!

Also, please remember to tag and share my color swatch from Coach!!! I would really appreciate it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Coach Color Tag Contest!!

If ya'll could please please click on my color swatch for Coach!

In celebration of Coach’s brand new Legacy Collection, inspired by the Coach archives and colors throughout Coach history, we are spreading the love of color all over the internet with ColorTag. I have always been a HUGE Coach fan. I have always had a favorite Coach color though, and that is of course PURPLE! It’s just so rich and beautiful! I love it when it is mixed in with the Legacy stripes the most! Check out my swatch below!

 I need YOUR help PLEASE  to spread this gorgeous color all over the internet! All you have to do is “tag” it by clicking on the color above!! What’s in it for you? There will be more than 100 Coach Gift Cards – ranging from $100 to $500 – that appear at random in the embedded swatches. Make sure to let me know if you find one and WIN!!

I can have other colors so please tag these also!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Changes are Coming! I Hope You're Ready!

I've decided to change tings up a bit and try to get more reviews and giveaways!  Hopefully I can attract more companies, but in the meantime it will be me doing giveaways as I can afford it!  Hang on and let the ride begin!! 

P.S. Be prepared for flash giveaways!!!