Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Busy Busy Busy

So, I want to interact with ya'll and tell you more of what's going on...


I'm so gosh darn busy lately.

I think I may be a bit on the crazy side.  I've taken FIVE upper level classes this semester.
Then I have the FIVE clubs that I'm a member of.
I'm an officer in FOUR of those clubs.
I'm president of TWO of those clubs.
Oh yeah, did I mention the internship I accepted this semester?
Yeah, got that covered also.

So, as you see...if my posts are sporadic again, it's a GOOD busy!
I'm really enjoying things this semester so far, tomorrow is the end of the third week of school.

Oh yeah...I received word last night that I get to go to SFA Days in Austin in a couple weeks.  
I will be taking a lot of pictures and posting them when I go! Also, I will be posting pictures of my adventures in Amtgard (also the LARP club).  Stay tuned.