Sunday, November 11, 2012

5 Pack of Apple Product chargers for $2.92 + FREE SHIPPING

Oh yeah! I got 5 of these five packs because we lose the chargers so often here at the house!
Not to mention we have sooo many items that need charges, DH and I both have an iPhone, all three of us have our iPads, and Monster has his iPod touch...not to mention I have an iPod nano.
As you can see a 5 Pack is only $2.92 + FREE SHIPPING!!!

SODIAL- 5 Pack Premium USB 2.0 Data Sync + Charging Cable SYNC CABLE For Apple iPod / iPhone / iTouch / Nano / Classic
It may take a while for them to ship because they are coming from Hong Kong, but still...I'm glad I got them!  Now, when Monster grabs his charger and unplugs it and takes it to who knows where, we can just grab the next one instead of tearing the house apart looking for them.  
This is also great for those that like to stock up on things.  It may not be free, but it's still very worth it!!!