Friday, November 6, 2015

Don't Wish Me Luck Today, Wish Me A Blessing

Today, I head to court to fight my eviction.
Today, I have God as my shield in this fight.
Today, I hope to win, even if it's a tiny battle.

I'm getting evicted.  I'm not really happy about it.
There was a verbal agreement between my landlord and I, reiterated by a text message.

I had asked her to start the eviction process earlier this month, on October 12. 
On October 13, she told me (via text message) we had the following conversation:

LL: Please deposit some of the rent you owe
Me: I can't afford it and the late fees.
LL: What can you pay
Me: I've got $300 to last until I get my social security
LL: OK but what can you pay for your rent now
Me: If I don't get evicted $200 but I can catch up and get ahead as soon as I get the social security.  But I think I would rather take the eviction so I can have the service dog at another place.  I can get her certification paperwork as soon as I get her
LL: Deposit the $200 and then you can lay  [sic] the remaining $300 as soon as you can.

In this conversation, there is (in my opinion) an agreement about my rent.  She accepted the fact that I can't pay that much rent, and that I would catch up and get ahead when I get my social security.

Side note: I had the medical appointment for Social Security on Monday.  My case has been flagged as "dire need" and my caseworker is looking for the report from the doctor.  

On the morning of October 23, I had this conversation with my Landlord:

LL: I don't care about the spare room.  At this point if you can't work it out then H***** (name protected) has the upper hand her because of her rent.
Me: I understand.  I'm not bothering her.  I think everything is taken care of and I'm leaving her alone.  So are you making it back up to $900 or still at $700? (this is in regards to the amount of rent to be paid)
LL: Just catch up with rent first

Again, there is the implication that she has accepted that my rent is late.  There is also no mention of the late fees.  Yes, she has been very lenient with me about the rent.  
But, I feel to say this via text message, and then turn around that afternoon and hand me an eviction notice is wrong.  

If you think what is happening to me is wrong, please spread the word.  My friend came up with the hashtag #Mercy4Marci that we will be using.  
My Faith is GREAT.  I know that the Lord has a plan for me and I know that no matter how things go today, it is according to his plan.