Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Diamond Candles as low as $13.99!!!

So, who doesn't like Diamond Candles?  
I personally have never gotten a really nice ring in mine, but the scents are nice!
Right now at SneakPeeq, you can get a Diamond Candle for as low as $13.99 + shipping, which is still really cheap!
Today (Tuesday) only, you can "Peeq" around and find THREE different badges.
Here's the THREE badges you can get today, and you can see it's really worth the time it takes to look around!!

This is THREE different items you can get and even cheaper than the already reduced prices at SneakPeeq!!
Here is one of the Diamond Candles that you can get at SneakPeeq, but you might want to hurry over, they always sell out fast.  The ones that I've gotten in the past have shipped super fast!!

Do you have a Trekkie on your Christmas List???

Yes, I will admit it...I'm a TREKKIE!!!
I LOVE all things Star Trek...and I know a lot of my friends do also.

So, what do you get the Trekkie on your list for Christmas?  
Well, Star Trek items of course...and I can help you there!
Right now, Zulily has a bunch of Star Trek items on sale, but this only lasts for TWO DAYS so you might want to hurry!!

There are even some that are under $10!!! 
Like this 18 oz. travel mug for $7.99.

 There is also this 12 oz. coffee mug also for $7.99.
There is also this Stainless Steel Water Bottle for $8.99.

There are other things also, like this AWESOME cookie jar:

It's a little more expensive at $34.99, but still worth every penny if you want to make that special TREKKIE happy!!! 
If you have a whole family of TREKKIES, then you can get Christmas Shopping done fairly cheap! 
I know I am!!
This sale only lasts for TWO DAYS, so hurry and get what you want!!!