Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tegu Blocks on sale at Fab

Have you heard of Tegu Blocks yet? 


Well, these are magnetic blocks for kids.  Monster has a couple sets already and he LOVES them!!!

He has 2 of this set that we take with us whenever we go somewhere

And don't tell Monster, but he's getting this set for Christmas

And now has them on sale!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when I can get Christmas gifts cheap because then we're not broke during the holidays!!! 

$7 for a TWO year subscription to Family Circle Magazine

Another great save!!!

This has been one of my favorite magazines to read ever since I can remember!

A 2 year subscription to Family Circle Magazine for just $7.

Also, after you read the magazines every month you can either donate them to the local VA clinic or use them for different crafts for your little ones.  I always donate mine!

$15 for PINK Breast Cancer Awareness iPhone Charging Kit

Here's another great deal!!
I totally support Breast Cancer Awareness because I have three friends that are fighting it right now.

MooLaLa has this great deal for an iPhone charging kit!! 
As you can see, it even comes with the wall socket which is $22 alone! So this is a great deal (especially if it's like in my house and they develop legs and disappear)!!!!

Just click HERE to purchase your set!

$2 for TWO pairs of Earbuds! Great Stocking Stuffer!!!

I got these today because you never know when you're going to need earbuds!! They always get lost in my house!

These are also a great stocking stuffer!!!!

Just go here

They also come in  TEN awesome colors!!!

It's that easy!!!