Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two Weeks With My New Smile

It's been a little over two weeks since I got my new smile. 
I have to say, things are different.

People actually look at me now, instead of past me.
People actually want to converse with me, instead of running for the nearest exit.
I smile more often.  I have more self esteem.

It's amazing how differently people treat you when they don't know your circumstances.
They see the rotted teeth, and the missing and broken teeth and think that I'm not worth their time.
I've had people turn me down when I asked to volunteer my services.
I've had people just brush me off.'s different.
People actually listen to me.
They respond to me.
They look at me.

It's horrible that people are so judgemental, but it's today's society.
If you're not what they perceive as pretty, or educated, or even in the right income bracket, people think less of you.

I wish I had done a little more of a scientific study of this.  I wish I could have actual events, and facts.  But, I only have my perceptions, which are really different now.

My first big event with my new smile was in Arlington and I noticed right away I was treated better.  When my Sister and I were at Six Flags, people listened and conversed with me us in line, instead of the usual "hi".  (Yeah, we're both a little on the outgoing side.)

We laughed with high school kids who were playing a "concentration" game. 
We talked with a couple about the first years of marriage.
We met some wonderful people.
All in lines waiting for the rides. 
When what would have happened to me would have been them trying to avoid me.

I hope things get better, and I hope that my little blog makes people think twice about superficial things. 
That person that you ignored, they're probably incredibly funny but the medicine that they are on caused that breakout of acne, or for the teeth to rot, or even the weight gain.  

Please, don't judge people based on looks...they're usually pretty hard on themselves as it is.