Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Still Believe in Good People!

OK, I'm scatterbrained.  I have scatterbrained friends.  I have a scatterbrained husband...well...his is because of his TBI, but that's another story!

Anyway, one of my incredibly scatterbrained friends did something, well, scatterbrained, the other day.
She LEFT her iPad at McDonald's!

And, thank goodness for honest people.

Because, soon after she left it there, this flooded all of her friends' timeline on Facebook:

Yes, they didn't know who it belonged to, so what they did was post a message on the Facebook account that was signed on.  Needless to say, friends tried to text her, but she didn't answer.  She had put her phone away...LOL.  So, her friends did the next best thing, they texted her teen, who then comes in the room asking her where is her iPad?  (Doesn't this sound like something a parent would do?)

Needless to say, she got her iPad back, and the gentleman that found her iPad is an angel.  As my friend said on her page, times are tight...he could easily have sold that iPad, but instead did the honest thing.  

When you are faced with a decision like this, what would you have done?  Honestly?
I'm always doing "random acts of kindness" and I love to hear about others doing the same thing.

So, even with everything else going on...I still believe there are good people in this world.