Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kristins Gifts Review and Giveaway

Yes, I know I'm wayyyyy behind on this, and I apologize profusely.  There's really no good excuse for this, so I won't try to tell you.  Let's just say that things were HECTIC here for a good two months!

Anyway...Here goes!! Kristins Gifts. Have you heard of them?  

I'm a big pen and stationary person.  I like all kinds of pens and all kinds of unique stationary.  And this is about as unique as you can get.  I first won a small notebook from a twitter party a while back and became hooked on these.  Then Kristins Gifts graciously sent me a WAFF pad and a WAFF book, along with some WAFF cubes to personalize them.  What can I say about these?  They are AWESOME!
And an incredible conversation starter.  

I pulled out my WAFF book and I now use it for my journal.  I've personalized it with the letter M, because lets face it...I don't have much of an imagination when it comes to this type of stuff.  As for my WAFF pad, sits on my desk for me to use.  I put a diagonal pattern on it and I love it.  I also use my WAFF book Mini all the time to take notes when I'm out and about.  Again, it's a great conversation starter.  

The WAFF Pads are refillable which is great because I take lots of notes around the house.  And the WAFF book is also refillable.  So this is a great investment.  Now, with everyone's kiddos going back to school, it would be the perfect time to get one for your little one.  It can give your little one a way to express themselves, and they can change the front when ever they want.  I love that it's silicone and soft to touch.  Now, for the fun part.  If you head over to Kristins Gifts Facebook page, and tell them that TheMarciFactor sent you, you will be entered for a special drawing at the end of the month for a FREE WAFF Pad and WAFF book with Cubes.  That is what I got in my package, and I love it!  Also, I'm going to giveaway another WAFF Book to one lucky person, all you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway