Friday, January 11, 2013


I know this may not be a big thing for most of my readers, but DH and I have an agreement.  I cook all the wonderful food and he does the dishes.  I. HATE. DISHES.
It works out fairly well with it, and I do wash the dishes if I have to, but will do anything NOT to do it...LOL.

So, this morning DH got a heartattack!! I DID THE DISHES!!  I used my new Palmolive Fresh Infusions that I got from my Influenster VoxBox.  
As soon as I got it on Tuesday when I got my VoxBox, I was excited.  I've been using a different dish soap for as long as I can remember, and I stayed away from Palmolive because my mom always used it and I usually stay away from things to do anything like her.  

But I'm an open minded person, and open to try anything.  And, I tried it this morning, (Yes, I washed the dishes) and I'm kinda liking it.  
This is what my sink looked like before I started...I actually kept the dishes over the past couple days so I would have a full sink.  This is one of the few parts in my life where I'm NOT Eco-Friendly and I NEVER fill the sink up with water...I always wash my dishes under running water.

And, LOOK...
Clean Dishes!!! Done by me!!! WooHoo!! And my hands were soft also...I didn't need any lotion after doing the dishes like I usually do on the rare times I do the dishes.

 The Palmolive in my clean sink!! I'm loving this scent!!

Here's the other sink that I didn't use.  I love how the bubbles come up from the drain! LOL

The only thing I didn't like was the bottle is round and very hard to grip with wet hands.  Maybe if there was a little groove or two that would help people pick up the bottle with wet hand!! But, this is a new product and I'm pretty sure that they're working on that!!

If you would like to get a coupon for these, please contact me using the buttons on the upper right side, and I will send one.  I only have 3 of them, I've already given away a few.