Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Giveaway #3

This one is sweet and simple!

This prize is a $25 Wal-Mart Gift Card
With the holidays around the corner, this would be a great prize!!
This one will last until 8:00 PM 10/31

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Happy Halloween Giveaway #2

Giveaway #2 is JEWELRY!
The winner will get two pair of MarciMallow earrings.
These are the Spiral Twist earrings that are exclusive to MarciMallow.

The winner will get a red and pink pair and a red and silver pair as pictured above!

These are valued at $25 each pair!

This giveaway will end 3:00 PM Central 10/31

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Happy Halloween Grand Prize Giveaway

Happy Halloween!!
This is the grand prize giveaway and it's a nice one!
I'm giving away a brand new Coach Legacy Wristlet!!
Since my favorite color is purple, that's what color I'm giving away! 
This is valued at $108 

However, there's a twist.  In order to enter you must leave a blog comment to a random question that is posted below!
Hint to the question: Oct 17

Thanks Miranda for pointing out my typo!

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Happy Halloween Giveaway #1

Today is going to be short and sweet!
Here is the first of FIVE giveaways!!!

And what do we have now?
An assortment of coupon inserts!!!
Here is what you will get:
2 Smart Source 9/30
2 Red Plum 9/30
2 P&G 9/30
2 Smart Source 10/14
2 Red Plum 10/14
2 P&G 10/14
2 Smart Source 10/21
2 Red Plum 10/21

That's 16 inserts for the taking. 
This giveaway will last for 3 hours and end at 11:00 AM Central Time
The rafflecopter form doesn't end at this time so I will pick it manually.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Best and Worst Day of the Year...Halloween

My friends have often heard of me talk of my foster mom, Dandi.
She WAS MY MOM! Always will be my mom.

Three years ago she died.
I didn't take notice of the day she died, because that wasn't important to was the day of her Celebration of Life...there was no funeral for her...she never wanted it that way.
It was on Halloween.  Why is Halloween the best AND worst day of the year?

Many years ago, when I first went to live with Dandi in Las Vegas, she was more than a mother to me...she was also a teacher.  She knew of my Mexican background and helped me learn more about it, along with broadening my other interests and horizons.

She knew of my LOVE of Science Fiction and Fantasy...we both shared it.
She gave me a family that I didn't know at that point in my life.

She introduced me to the Wiccan culture/religion.  I still hold some of those beliefs, though I don't practice.  It's just like my Catholic background, I hold some of the beliefs, I practice some of the holidays, but I don't practice it.

I had my first Samhain with Dandi.  And she gave me my first Pentagram to hang in my window on Samhain.  Sadly, I lost it many years ago when I left Stephen.  

Those many years ago my first Halloween with Dandi became my favorite holiday.  It is to this day.  
Three years ago, I started lighting a candle for her on Halloween.
In a way, I practice all of the traditions I was taught growing up.
Halloween with Monster to go trick or treating.
Samhain in private.
Dia de Los Muertos the day after to celebrate all those family members that have passed.

It may seem like a lot for one person, but I was taught by Dandi to be very open minded and accepting.  So, on Halloween I will light my candles.
One for my Grandmother.
One for my Tio.
One for Dandi.
And I will celebrate their lives.
I don't mourn their loss because I know that they are always with me. 
I look forward to teaching Monster the traditions that I grew up with, and that were taught to me.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Gift Cards available!!!

OK So I'm going to keep this hush hush for a day or two, but here's some of the gift cards you can get!!

For more information you should join my facebook group HERE.

Insanity Deals are Starting Again!!!

If you remember last year around this time, nomorerack was having INSANITY DEALS!
A lot of people scored REALLY CHEAP Wii systems, XBox Kinects and a bunch of other things.
Today, I logged into nomorerack and there is an insanity deal!!!

So, what does this mean??? Well, I think it means there's going to be another bunch of Insanity Deals!!

When you join nomorerack and make your first purchase, you can get a $10 credit!!!
 And they have a flat rate of shipping of $2 per item!! 
With the biggest shopping season upon us, this is a great way to save money!! 

Cool New Nail Polish Colors At SneakPeeq

I log into SneakPeeq daily to see what specials have been added. 
And I've always been a fan of nail polish and pretty colors.
Right now, SneakPeeq has Color Club Nail Polish.'s getting added to my ever growing collection of nail polish!

The SneakPeeq price is around $12 for two bottles, BUT, there's also a HOLIDAY HEAD START badge hanging around.  I got it earlier today and it's for $10 off any purchase which makes this awesome set only $2 for me!! 

Now, remember these sales only last a couple of days, and there's always different discount badges hanging around.  All you have to do is peeq the different products and you can earn different badges.  I've found a free shipping badge and a 15% off badge...I think there was a 25% off badge also, but I let it expire.  
I enjoy looking around at the different products that are added daily and getting surprised by the different badges.
So, head over and tell me what you're able to find!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Baskins Western Wear is the place to shop!

We all know I'm country! Very country!
So, in our family we do most of our shopping at Baskins Western Wear!
The reason why? Because we can get all the things we need. 
Monster always wears Wrangler jeans.
DH always wears Wrangler jeans and some type of shirt, either 20X, Cinch, or Wrangler.
*These are all different types of Wrangler shirts, but most people know them by the type.*
I wear Wrangler Auras and some dress shirts, depending on my mood for the day. 
I also love shopping at Baskins because of the atmosphere and friendly staff every time we go there!
 This view is from the front door to the left as you walk in.  You can see it's always clean and warm.
This is from the front door to the right.  Again, warm atmosphere and friendly staff.

 So, Baskins had a facebook referral contest and even though I had less than 25 friends sign up, I still won.  The prize was $100 gift card!  I do enter almost all of Baskins contests and sweepstakes.  Mainly because I like to support them, but also because it helps dress us. 
This is Cari who helped us pick out shirts for Monster since that's what we needed most.
 We ended up getting two long sleeve shirts and one short sleeve shirt for Monster.
And a beautiful belt for me, since my belt is ten years old and carries bad memories.

Me standing outside our local Baskins with Monster!

Right now, Baskins has a promotion where you can possibly win the most liked Justin boot. 
Just click HERE to "like" your favorite style and enter the sweepstakes.  
Yep,  I already entered!

Baskins also has another boot giveaway plus two tickets to the SHSU vs. Southeastern Louisiana football game along with a preferred parking pass!  
(Even though I'm an SFA fan, I still entered because you can NEVER have too many boots!)
This ends on October 30, 2012 at 12:01 AM Central Time.
You can enter HERE.

Another thing that I like is that Baskins has a VIP program where you can get special coupons and offers emailed to you.  I tell you, that 10-20% off coupon really comes in handy when they send them!! 

Oh yeah, the really AWESOME part!!
Follow me because next month Baskins has generously offered a pair of Women's Ariat boots to one lucky reader!! 
(That post to come later)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Free $20 Credit to TopFloor

You know I'm all about finding the best deals for you!  
So, I was checking my Klout today and saw I was eligible for a perk from
So, I claimed my perk and went looking...and I'm in LOVE!!!

Right now they have these super cute boho wraps for $35 each!!
Yep, you guessed it...I'm getting the Plum Paisley which is the top one.

Now, for the $20 Credit!! 
Anyone with a Klout score above 10 is eligible for this perk!!
If you don't have Klout yet, all you have to do is join with either twitter or facebook.  
Most people have a score around 15 when they first join!
I'm not sure how long this will last until it's full so you might want to hurry over and claim your perk.

And, I'm saving my credit for next week when they're going to have these USB chargers for iPhone.

If you join, you can RSVP to the event to find out what your price is going to be and these are only $35 which with the perk would only be $15!!! Not bad for a TEN FOOT CHARGER!!!!

P.S. If you do decide to join can you join under my link.  I get credits for referrals. Just click HERE!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beautiful OPI Nailpolish from

I got my Pink Hearts of Breast Cancer nail polish set from and I have to say

I decided to wait until Monster went to bed to paint my nails because that's the only time I can paint them and let them dry without being interrupted. 

Above is how my nails look when I did them.  I first applied 2 coats of the "I Think In Pink" followed by 1 coat of the "You Glitter Be Good To Me."
As you can see, they turned out pretty well!

And I'm horrible at doing my own nails...I usually go get them done and take my own colors up to the salon. (Yes, I'm trying new things!)

So, I went back to and guess what I found???
This is the Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection and it's only $5 for each color right now!!!!
I got one of them.
This one is the Nicki Minaj Collection and I'm still torn about getting it...the yellow and blue would sit in my cupboard FOREVER...and this set is only $6.80 for each color.

So, head on over to and get some while you can.
P.S. They make great stocking stuffers!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Quiznos Flavor Quest Sweepstakes and IWG

Yes, I'm a sweeper and I enter the instant wins.  Sometimes, I get lucky, like today.
DH and I were figuring out what to have for dinner while I was doing my daily Instant Win Games.
Then, I actually WON one...a small win, but still cool.
It was the Quiznos Flavor Quest and I entered the instant win part and got this:
So, I figured the email would come in a couple days, but no, this one was right away and I won a $20 Quiznos Gift Card.

Well, our decision was made! We were gonna have Quiznos for dinner since we hardly ever eat there.

We went in and the girl there had NO CLUE what to do.  
She asked me to come back tomorrow, and this was after waiting half an hour for her to try to figure out how to put the gift card in.  Needless to say, I was NOT HAPPY!
Especially since we had already let Monster open his chips and have his drink!

So, on the way out, I asked for the owner/managers number because I had intended on calling ePrize in the morning.  A thought came to me...I called him.
Mr. Lee was extremely nice.  He asked if I could head back up to the store and I said yes since we were only one exit down the road.  By the time we got back to the store, he was already there AND had the gift card ready for me!!!!

So, we had Quiznos for dinner.  The girl learned how to do the gift cards. And I think I made a new friend.  I want to say a big 
to Mr. Lee and the Lufkin Quiznos for helping us have a GREAT DINNER!!!
P.S. I couldn't link it exactly, so here's a screencap with the information for Lufkin Quiznos.
Drop by and have a good meal!!

SneakPeeq has Opi NailPolish!!!

Need I say more.
SneakPeeq is the site where you can get badges for looking around and most of them have a discount of some sort.  
Me, the dunce that I am, didn't check my email soon enough and the ones that I wanted are already sold out.  
There's still some left, and you can get a set of 3 colors for as low as $15
 This was my first choice and of course SOLD OUT!!
This is my second choice and SOLD OUT!!
This is my third choice and for me it's $15 because I have a couple of badges!!

So, hurry over to SneakPeeq and score some OPI nail polish while it lasts!!
And, hopefully they will restock on the glitter nail polishes because I sooooo want one!!!

It's Time to Start Stocking Stuffer Shopping!

Can you believe that Christmas is less than three months away!  
This is when people start shopping, but I'm done.  
I always start shopping the day after Christmas and put things away all year.  That way I can grab the great deals and still have extra funds around the holidays.

BUT, I still do extra shopping around the holidays, especially for stocking stuffers.
And, that brings me to They have great deals that only last for a couple of days and around the holidays last year, they had awesome flash deals!!

Right now they have this awesome Druzy Pearldrop Ring for only $14.

And these Druzy Pearldrop Earrings are also only $14. 
Both of these will make great stocking stuffers for just about anyone in your family that loves jewelry.
Let me know if you get them.  I got them and can't wait to wear them this year!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

BOGO Purses, Shoes and More at Shoedazzle!

Most of my fans and friends know that I can't wear heels unless it's for very, very short periods...and then even then I may end up in pain for days afterward. weakness is PURSES!!

I have quite a collection of purses and I'm always adding to it!
This is just a small sampling of my collection.
I've even had one special made for me!!
I also have a Longaberger purse, but I don't use it often because it's not practical. 
Sooo, I am always shopping for purses and I found Shoedazzle.

Right now, Shoedazzle is having a BOGO sale and YES I got some!!
  I got this Thorp for $39.95

and got this Elwood for FREE!!! 
I can't wait to get them in. 

As soon as I find more PURSE deals, I will get post them for you!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bullying in a "blog group" is still BULLYING!

I got several emails this past week from a couple of friends and I've been torn all week on whether or not to post this.  But, BULLYING IN A CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP IS STILL BULLYING!!!

So, I'm going to post this.  

Back in August Coach had a Color Tag contest for bloggers and I entered.
Along with a bunch of other blogs...

And, throughout the month I added other color tags and all of my wonderful friends and fans tagged them for me.  THANKS EVERYONE! 
But then, I started going up in the contest and people started getting scared (in my opinion)

So, I started getting attacked about it.

Now, I don't mind getting attacked, but BULLYING IS STILL BULLYING even if it's adults.

So, I've spent the day compiling screencaps AND the names of the blogs that go with the people who have been making these comments. 

 In the above picture there are the following people and blogs:
Steph Anie = CouponClipinista
Jodi Stevens = FreetailTherapy
Michelle Kaunitz = unknown
**Update:  I have removed another name because that person has also EMAILED me and asked me to remove their name, without threats and malice!!**

This is the blog post she made about me where it's password protected supposedly because of an FBI investigation.
Krista Lafave = couponfreestuff
Jennifer Williams = unknown
Angel Poling = greenvics
**Update: I have removed another name because that person has reached out and apologized without threats and malice.**

 The above THREE pictures are all from the same post!!
I'm tired of saying names but you can see what they are saying!!!

 In this post, they are implying that I'm on something!

 And this one speaks for itself!!

 The above one is calling me and a friend of mine names...again BULLYING!!!
**Update: I have changed this picture because the person that made the innocent comments has EMAILED me and asked me to remove their name...without threats and without malice. To this person, I apologize for not removing your name sooner.  Thank you for your kindness in this awful situation.**

 This is just plain MEAN!!! If you have ever gone through a miscarriage you know the heartbreak that you go through!!!  This is just plain MEAN!!!

SO I URGE EVERYONE TO BOYCOTT THESE BLOGS!!! The coupons that they post and you print out...yeah THEY GET PAID FOR YOU TO USE THEM!!!  Not to mention, most of the things that they write about, they are affiliates for them!!! 

Help stop BULLYING!!! Even though it's in a private group it's still bullying, and when I saw the last post about my miscarriage, yes I was in tears!!!
How can anyone be that mean?  How can anyone be that cruel?? 
Please forward this post to all people you know and also don't click on their links or use their referrals!! 

I'm an affiliate for some coupon sites also and I do some of the referrals, so if you're interested please let me know and I will give you the links!!

Monster's First Report Card

Last night was my first report card night EVER.
I know with three kids and one graduating this year that is a funny situation, but remember BooBoo has been with his dad and we won't mention Em.

Sooo, how did my Monster Boy do? 
His wasn't the normal report card that you get, instead it was a paper of his goals and what they're working on this year at school.

  He knows more than this shows and his teacher even said that she has seen him identify all the shapes and colors!  HOWEVER,  he didn't do it when asked LOL (Yes, my kid is stubborn)
He also can count to at least 15, but for some reason he doesn't like #4 so she couldn't say that he knew it...all in all I think he's doing very well!

And then we have his IEP...

They added the second goal because he's not good at sharing...part of the problem of being an only child.  He's still not sharing, but he is doing good at listening to the teacher.  

He goes to speech therapy twice a week and both the teach and I have noticed that he is trying to talk more.  He can repeat what we're saying, but there's a lot of sounds that are still stuck!  He's up to saying 2 words at a time now!!! WooHoooooo!!!

I'm glad that this is the only problem we deal with because of him being a preemie.  I'm so proud of my Monster Boy.

BTW...for those that say I'm mean for calling him Monster, look at my LAST NAME! He's gonna get called Cookie Monster sooner or later...I made it a good thing and it keeps his real name off the internet.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

$5 for a $10 Domino's Pizza Gift Card

Who doesn't like pizza? 
Oh wait....ME!!
But, for those that do like pizza here's a great save for you!!

Just head on over to Saveology and grab your Domino's gift card for $5!!
Enjoy your Pizza!!!