Thursday, November 1, 2012

Diamond Candles are RESTOCKED at SneakPeeq!!

SneakPeeq has Diamond Candles again! 
For most people, you can find badges and get either a percentage off or a dollar amount off of any order.  
I found this one a couple days ago and used it today!!
All you have to do is look around!

I would suggest hurrying over and grabbing the scents that you want before they sell out again!
Just click HERE and log in with Facebook if you haven't joined yet! You should get a $10 credit right away if you're new!!!

Look What You Can Get From Fab for Free

Have you heard of Fab?
It's an awesome place where you can get some super cute stuff.
I learned about Fab a while back when a friend of mine was featured on there and have been a member ever since!
Right now, you can ask a friend to send you a FREE $10 Gift Card to Fab from Wrapp, and then you can login with Facebook HERE and enjoy the shopping. 

I try to be eco-friendly and always take shopping bags with me, and you can get these for only $7 which would make it FREE with your credit!

There's also this Goldie charging holder that I got for my husband for only $1 with the credit because he always messes up the cords! I swear I've bought 3 extra charging cords for him! I'm hoping this cuts down on it!