Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday {SOOC} Straight Out of the Camera Linky

I decided to play outside with Monster today, and took a break and took pics.  Monster had a great time outside.  And there was the usual swinging, sliding down the slide and also riding his 4-wheeler. 
Here is Monster climbing on his swingset.
Monster on his 4-wheeler.  It's sunfaded, but works great for us.
 I decided to walk around the house and let him play for a little while by himself and got this GREAT pic.  He didn't know I was watching him!

And last but not least...again playing around with the camera to see how I can get action shots:
 Monster was jumping off the end of the slide and got this FANTASTIC mid air shot!!! 

This was my day, and I hope everyone else had a great day also!!