Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Best and Worst Day of the Year...Halloween

My friends have often heard of me talk of my foster mom, Dandi.
She WAS MY MOM! Always will be my mom.

Three years ago she died.
I didn't take notice of the day she died, because that wasn't important to was the day of her Celebration of Life...there was no funeral for her...she never wanted it that way.
It was on Halloween.  Why is Halloween the best AND worst day of the year?

Many years ago, when I first went to live with Dandi in Las Vegas, she was more than a mother to me...she was also a teacher.  She knew of my Mexican background and helped me learn more about it, along with broadening my other interests and horizons.

She knew of my LOVE of Science Fiction and Fantasy...we both shared it.
She gave me a family that I didn't know at that point in my life.

She introduced me to the Wiccan culture/religion.  I still hold some of those beliefs, though I don't practice.  It's just like my Catholic background, I hold some of the beliefs, I practice some of the holidays, but I don't practice it.

I had my first Samhain with Dandi.  And she gave me my first Pentagram to hang in my window on Samhain.  Sadly, I lost it many years ago when I left Stephen.  

Those many years ago my first Halloween with Dandi became my favorite holiday.  It is to this day.  
Three years ago, I started lighting a candle for her on Halloween.
In a way, I practice all of the traditions I was taught growing up.
Halloween with Monster to go trick or treating.
Samhain in private.
Dia de Los Muertos the day after to celebrate all those family members that have passed.

It may seem like a lot for one person, but I was taught by Dandi to be very open minded and accepting.  So, on Halloween I will light my candles.
One for my Grandmother.
One for my Tio.
One for Dandi.
And I will celebrate their lives.
I don't mourn their loss because I know that they are always with me. 
I look forward to teaching Monster the traditions that I grew up with, and that were taught to me.