Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's coming on that time of year...

I've mentioned before that there is one day a year where I absolutely leave DH alone!  He knows he can talk to me if he wants, but it's mostly him being by himself.  On this day I make a special bracelet.  Only one a year...never any more.  This is my bracelet to honor my husband and his friend that died.  Usually, I sell this bracelet, but this year I want to give it away to someone that deserves it.  Soooo, I would like you my fans to nominate someone that deserves this bracelet.    You can nominate that person as a comment in this blog post, or on my facebook page, or by emailing me.  All nominations will be considered.  The bracelet is red and blue.  I'm also thinking of adding something special this year to honor my husband and his friend.  Please forward this to all your friends and family and hopefully we will get a lot of nominations.  The bracelet will be made on January 7, which is the day that my husband lost a close friend right in front of him...from what I've been able to gather, my husband was in the spot that the mortar hit just a few minutes before...which is why this bracelet is so special.  Here in the Cook Family, we will be going through him being distant, with a shorter temper.  I've dealt with this every year and  I'm incredibly understanding about this.  I welcome other stories from the wars if you would like to share.  They will all be posted!