Friday, November 9, 2012

$10 off Fijit Coupon --- These are supposed to be BIG this year!!

OK I'm trying to incorporate more coupons into my links!
Monster got one of these the other day but we haven't opened it yet.
YES, he wanted the PINK one!!

Right now there's a coupon for $10 off of a Figit! And these are incredibly adorable!!

So, apparently there's other sites saying that this is a money maker, but I've done some research and the cheapest ones are around $14.97 which means they will only be about $5.00 each!

Please do your research before you run to the store.  
Here's pictures of the little ones at WalMart
You can see that the little bitty ones are still adorable!!
These are the itty bitty ones from Target!

Again, there's other sites saying this is a money maker, but I don't see how you can make money on this...but $5.00 is still a GREAT deal when they keep kiddo's occupied for hours!

I'm not sure if the coupon covers the itty bitty ones, but the large ones are only around $44 with coupon!! 

tegu Blocks are at SneakPeeq!!!!

I LOVE tegu blocks, well Monster does also!!
We recently got him another set through Fab.

And now, they're at SneakPeeq.  
Unfortunatley, I don't have any discounts to offer you BUT...
if you Peeq around you can find different badges for certain amounts off the total price, which is just as good.  
This is one that I had and used already, but there are several badges hanging have to peeq to find them!!

10% off entire purchase at Baskins for Veterans

Ya'll know how I love Baskins!
As a VIP you get emails with extra sales and discounts.
One of those discounts is this for our Veterans and military:
This is valid November 9-12! So you can go shopping all weekend!

Also, there's a REBATE ALERT on their Facebook page!!!
According to Baskins Facebook page THESE jeans, THESE jeans, and THESE shirts are eligible for the rebate!

Also, remember their giveaways.
Right now they have a giveaway for a pair of Ariat Boots which you can enter HERE.
And, don't forget the giveaway on my blog HERE.