Sunday, October 21, 2012

BOGO Purses, Shoes and More at Shoedazzle!

Most of my fans and friends know that I can't wear heels unless it's for very, very short periods...and then even then I may end up in pain for days afterward. weakness is PURSES!!

I have quite a collection of purses and I'm always adding to it!
This is just a small sampling of my collection.
I've even had one special made for me!!
I also have a Longaberger purse, but I don't use it often because it's not practical. 
Sooo, I am always shopping for purses and I found Shoedazzle.

Right now, Shoedazzle is having a BOGO sale and YES I got some!!
  I got this Thorp for $39.95

and got this Elwood for FREE!!! 
I can't wait to get them in. 

As soon as I find more PURSE deals, I will get post them for you!!