Friday, March 30, 2012

Winners for DonkeyT's giveaway!

Hi guys, sorry it took me so long, but I've been incredibly busy with DH and Monster.  So, to announce the winners :


Yep...Rafflecopter must love you guys as much as I do because that's how it came out! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

DONKEY TEES Review and Giveaway

I want to introduce you guys to a wonderful t-shirt company!!! Donkey Tees is a GREAT place to get all of your t-shirts!  I've followed them on twitter and facebook for over 2 years now, and their t-shirt designs are always top of the line!  Back in August, I won a t-shirt from them and got this one:
So, this one is perfect for me and I love it!

I have to say that these t-shirts are true to size, durable and very comfortable.  Add in the HUGE selection that they have and I'm hooked.  I wish I could get a t-shirt there every month!!!  They also have a children's line along with infants!  What more could you ask for?

The packaging? Perfect!  When you order something off of the internet you expect it to come in a box, and sometimes the mail person honks the horn or leaves that little orangish card saying that you have to go to the Post Office to get the package.  Not with Donkey Tees.  Both of my t-shirts came in a package that can easily fit into even the smallest apartment mailboxes.  Here's what Monster's t-shirt came in:

Very nice plastic envelope.  I'm sure if you order more, that you will get that dreaded box, but if it's one t-shirt, you get the nice mailbox friendly envelope. 

And now, this is the t-shirt that I got for Monster:
I figure with us raising Chickens on the farm that it was only appropriate...LOL.
So, now Monster has a wonderful red shirt to go with his adorable red hair as you can see here:

So, how can you get some of these uber awesome t-shirts?  
Well, you can head over to Donkey Tees and buy one for about $22 OR you can win one!
Yes, that's right, TWO lucky readers will win a $25 Code for Donkey Tees!!  Keep reading to find out how!