Monday, February 11, 2013

IdeaPaint's Valentine's Day Giveaway

Have you heard of IdeaPaint?  No?  Well, it's basically a whiteboard that you can paint on a wall in your home or office and turn that wall into a whiteboard.  This is GREAT for those houses that have kids that like to draw on walls.  Not only is this great for kids, but it's also AWESOME for adults to use. Even for those bloggers that I can paint a little area around your desk and you have an instant whiteboard there!!! Their kits are incredibly easy to apply.  The containers are marked, this and that so that you don't get them confused and easy to follow directions. 

IdeaPaint is having a Valentine's Day Giveaway for a kit of  100 square feet of their IdeaPaint CLEAR and accessories.  (I have no clue what the accessories are...LOL)

I'm going to enter this one even though I already have a kit for 50 square feet of their regular whiteboard paint.  As soon as we graduate Monster to a bigger bed, we're going to paint some of it in his room and some in the hallway where we post important notes. 

I hope you enter and if you do, I really hope you win because this stuff is priceless!!