Sunday, December 8, 2019

There is so much to say

There is always so much to say, but where do I start?
There is always so much to say, but sometimes it's just s sentence or a paragraph.
There is always so much to say, but who would want to read it?

These go through my head all the time, and yet there is so much more I want to say.  Sometimes, I want to publish 3-5 blogs a day, and sometimes less...sometimes more.
Does this blog help people?
Do I actually make a difference in someone's life?
Am I wanted anywhere?

See, I asked my mom the other day if she wanted me gone permanently, and she said yes.
What kind of parent would say "yes I want you gone forever"?
What kind of parent would bully their own child to the point that the child feels there is no escape.
What kind of parent would choose people they just met over their own child, and let those people assault that child?

My siblings always said I was my moms favorite.  If that is so, why did she do the things she did?  Why did she order her employee to assault me?  Because that is her excuse, "he's just doing his job".  
I've tried contacting Central Texas Council of Governments, who pays her employee and they say there is nothing they can do...they would rather sit by and watch this happen then risk losing any funds from the government.  I tried calling the VA, who runs the program that she has hired her employees through, and again, nothing they can do.  There has to be some oversight somewhere with this program.

There has got to be someone, somewhere that knows what to do or who to contact. I'm settling into this new life, and I really want to make a difference somewhere...I don't know where to start, and I'm having problems finding places to tell my testimony...though I know I need to tell it.