Thursday, June 30, 2011

CyberStalking & CyberHarassment

We’ve all heard about it.  We’ve educated our kids about it.  But what happens when it’s adults doing the stalking and harassment.  Because it is ADULTS it is not called CyberBullying, but it make the bullied person feel the same as when it happens to kids. 

According to the law, I am not being CyberBullied because I’m an adult.  And I’m NOT being CyberHarassed because it’s one or more persons hiding behind a Facebook page.  They have also hidden the “members” who like this page, so it could be anyone. 

All of my readers, fans, and friends know that I enter a lot of contests.  In every contest I enter, there are people that try to get me disqualified and if I happen to not get disqualified, then the people who are bullying me will post something to the effect that I cheat.

I have not won any major prizes because every time I enter a contest people will lie about me and make up a story so that I will get disqualified.  Then the sponsor will automatically take their word for it because I have turned the other cheek and not participated in their bullying because I won’t answer them. 

I’m  determined to NOT let the people who are doing this WIN.  I WILL NOT CRAWL UNDER A ROCK OR QUIT THE CONTESTS.  I believe in the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  I leave them alone and let them WIN their contests without contacting the sponsor just to get them disqualified.  I don’t talk to them.  I don’t participate in “voting groups” on Facebook or otherwise.  Although, the people who would say that I’m cheating are the ones that have the voting groups like Bring on The Votes  and Golden Rule Voting   and then the PRIVATE groups, where it’s invite only like Legit V (which I don’t have a link for because I wasn’t invited.) 

My friends know that I send out emails weekly, and sometimes daily, to ask for votes.  AND, if a contest is important enough to me, I will call them and ask them to vote.  Most of the families, I only have to call one person to start the chain to help me with voting.  I have incredible support from my friends and family that I have won a few small contests.  Although my small support group is not big enough to go against the voting groups and actually win a contest, I keep trying. 

A lot of you guys, my fans and readers, know the reason that I do the contesting and you understand that reason.  For those who don’t know yet, my husband is a Disabled Iraq Veteran with a Traumatic Brain Injury and has been off of work for over a year.  In that year, I BARELY got the bills paid because I had managed to squeeze every last penny to the limit.  The items that I have won in the past year are THE ONLY LUXURY ITEMS THAT WE’VE HAD!!! ALSO, SOME OF THE PRIZES ARE THINGS THAT WERE NECESSITIES like a stroller because I wore our old stroller out walking the halls of the Houston VA Hospital every time my husband was critically ill. 

The funny thing about all this, is that these people are spineless, deviant, and so immature that they won’t even admit who they are, not that I don’t know, but they hide behind aliases and fake profiles. Not one person will stand forward and admit who they are and what they are doing like an adult.  Like cowards they log their attacks under fake names and profiles that get discarded as soon as they make the attack.  The whole time these people have me blocked and I have no idea what they’re doing until I am blindsided or someone else brings their actions to my attention. 

YES, at one time I had TEN profiles that were used to help these same spineless people win in different contests.  Those who I have helped win the contest immediately unfriended me and blocked me and then stole those profiles.  These profiles were validated with cell phone numbers at my expense and were “valid” at one time.  These profiles were then STOLEN from me by these very people who were SUPPOSED to be my friends.  They were able to steal these profiles because I trusted them and really thought they were my friends. 

At this time, I DO NOT have any fake profiles on Facebook.  Nor do I have friends that I do not know personally on some level.  Most are family or people I’ve met through my life. 

My jewelry business has suffered because of these attacks from the rumors and lies spread by these people.  My blog has been reported as spam on Facebook, so that I can’t even announce new posts.  I have not gotten any new sponsors for giveaways or reviews because of these attacks.  These unwarranted and unjustifiable constant personal attacks have disrupted my professional and personal life and have literally brought me to tears more often than I care to admit. This became a HUGE issue five months ago, and I have tried to cope with it and ignore it and turn the other cheek.   

It’s time to grow up.  If you’ve got a problem with me, show your face and state your name.  Tell me what you want to say.  Quit hiding and quit being childish, we are not on a playground and we are “supposedly” trying to set good examples for our children, but how can stalking, bullying, and harassment be good examples for the next generation.  Your actions and your statements are there for anyone to see.  Your behavior affects not only me, but anyone who pulls up the pages you defile.  When an adult is as vicious and petty as you all have become, any child or person who see that can be influenced by your actions.  Grow up, take responsibility and stop harming others.  It’s one thing to be petty and vindictive towards me, but you really cross the line when you bare it for the world. 

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  1. Goodness I had no idea this was happening to you. I'm so sorry.