Monday, June 20, 2011

Texas Wildfires and How You Can Help

As many of you know, I live in East Texas.  I’m particularly worried about these wildfires going on right now.  We live right between two National Forests, Angelina National Forest and Davy Crocket National Forest.  The Bearing Fire is now the largest fire on record in East Texas, and it’s only 40% contained.  The Powerline Fire in Jasper County is only 25% contained as of the last update from the Texas Forest Service 

The reason I’m writing this blog, is that people far away can help also.  Texas Forest Service has a donation page here. What I did this afternoon, was take two cases of water to Hudson Fire Department.  Since it’s a VOLUNTEER fire department, there’s usually no one there.  I spoke with a friend there, and he said that anyone wishing to donate water to them can take it to Hudson City Hall located at 201 Mt. Carmel Road. 

I also spoke with someone from the Texas Forest Service and I was told that if you were wanting to donate bottled water for the Bearing Fire, the place to take it is Apple Springs Fire Department located at 14755 N. St Hwy 94. 

These fires are pretty bad in my opinion, and with the Texas heat, the firefighters out on the line can probably use all the help we can give them.  Please try to avoid going to the front line as it can be dangerous, and the water will get to the firefighters out there.  I know this isn’t my normal kind of blog post, but there’s a need out there, and I know that a lot of people can spare less than $5 for a case of water!

Please pray also that we get some rain soon!  I feel that rain will greatly help with these fires, and we’re under drought conditions as it is.  Thanks for reading!

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