Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chairs4Vets is starting to become a reality!

Many of you might remember last year when my husband was critically ill.  The one thing that bothered us the most about the VA hospital was the lack of wheelchairs for inpatient use, or for people needing one for day appointments.  There are many veterans that are otherwise able to get around on their own.  BUT, if they're seriously ill, or unable to navigate the long halls of the VA Hospital, there is usually around a two hour wait for a wheelchair.  I don't know about others, but we get to the hospital about 30 minutes before the appointment, and don't have time to wait. 

It was during this frustration, when my husband was barely able to walk, that we came up with this idea.  What if we started a charity to provide these wheelchairs to the VA hospital on a regular basis.  Thus, Chairs4Vets was born.  

Next Tuesday, July 19, 2011 there is going to be a donation of a wheelchair from Beta Sigma Phi to the Fisher House in Houston.  This came about because I had mentioned to one of the members our dream of providing wheelchairs to the VA hospitals.  They wanted to provide one to the Fisher House because they are also going through the same problems as the VA wheelchairs for the visitors.  You're invited!!!
It is at the Fisher House, next to the VA Hospital at 6:00 PM. (I think....will update if I'm wrong)

I'm really excited about this because I get to see my wonderful sister soulmate Egg.  We're going to probably spend the day together and of course be us, which is totally unique.  But also, I get to see my dream slowly come to life.  Egg and I will also be doing a joint blog/tweeting thing-a-ma-jig (she doesn't want it to be a tweetup) somewhere...I really don't know where yet, but it's gonna be in Houston.  So, for those that live in Houston and have been waiting to meet me...guess what...I hope this is enough advanced notice!!!

Of course, as usual, I will have pictures of Egg and I, and of course there will be totally unique, silly pictures because that's how we roll! Hope to see you guys there!

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  1. OH and roll we do hahaha! As I sit here reflecting on all the visits we've had since we split from SA, I can't help but think... HELP! Don't innundate me with meat, (I know she will- it's her nature,) love me when I'm late, (it's perpetual with me,) GIMMIE THE BABY (for about 10 minutes then I've loved him and am ready to set him free - since I truly love him, he'll come back later right?) Believe in your heart it will be ass thirty before I let you leave Houston, EAT IT MIKE
    no really
    wait, I meant it
    a lot
    yeah, eat it
    with whipped cream (Her Mallowness hates it)
    hahaha eat THAT
    It's all about an "eat it" sundae now
    Get to slurping Mr Testosterone!
    ( dude, just teasing because I can )
    ~or, am I?~
    (8 )8 (8
    peacy outu
    -the incredible inedible egg (muah)