Thursday, June 11, 2020

Random Acts of Kindness

Sitting at Denny's most of the day I see a lot of things.

I see families having meals out.
I see people doing business.
I see dates.
I see fights.
I also see the compassion that a complete stranger will show for another person.

We have servers here that are on a very tight budget, and yet...
They will take out of their tips to buy a meal for a homeless person.
They often feel bad for some customers...
They're often running ragged also trying to get everything done and make sure that your food is the way you want it.

Their feet hurt at the end of the night.
They usually have a headache because of stress.
They are worried about home situations.
They are planning birthday parties for their kids.

And yet, these are some of the most caring and compassionate people there are.
I've watched them over the past year.
I've seen their smiles, their birthdays, their heartbreaks.

I've seen them get utterly upset about a customer cussing at them...
and then handle it with uttmost professionalism.
I've seen them not get tips from a table, even though the service was excellent.

I've seen them handle the "regulars" (of which I am one of).
They remember most of their customers.
They remember the details about their customers (no mushrooms).

These guys are very hard working.
And as businesses slowly open up, they're getting busy again.
Give them a break...hours were cut, staff was cut, and they're probably running ragged because there isn't enough labor for the demand.  After all, some days it's totally dead, and some days, we're at capacity.  

The next time you go to any restaurant, I challenge you to watch your servers.
Watch the ones in the back if you can...they're the hidden helpers.
Then, remember how they're running around, and that they only earn a fraction of what you earn per hour. 
They deserve way more than I could ever give, but then again, I'm still getting back on my feet.

And, they have more heart than you will ever know.  
They are a family.

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