Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Is History doomed to repeat itself?

I am angry.
I am upset.
And most of all, I'm appalled that there is so many mindless actions taking place that I just can't believe this.

Do you not realize, that even though we have bad parts of our HISTORY, it is still there?

Renaming military bases won't change the fact that they were once named after Confederate officers.

It's like people are wanting to erase our history, our culture.
And if you erase it, then how can you learn from it?

Yes, our history has always been turbulent.
Our history is, however, ours.
And, in my opinion we do learn from it.
We move forward.
We remember.

If you erase the Confederacy, if you erase everything about the Civil war, what's to make you think it won't happen again?  If it's erased from our history, then how do we learn from it?  How do we avoid repeating those mistakes?

We have a culture.  We are a nation.  We ALL (in the beginning) were escaping persecution!!!

Think about it...why the heck did the first settlers choose to brave a trip across the ocean???
Was it because it was a pleasure cruise? was because they were escaping persecution.
They were wanting religious freedom.

Are we going to erase that also because they don't have the same religion as we do?
Are we going to erase it because they fought with the Indians?
Are we going to erase all of our history because it is offensive to some people?

If that is the case, then we should erase everything and just call everything by numbers!!!
Hey, Military Base 1,  Military Base 2...heck why don't we get rid of our names and just resort to numbers also??? Seriously???
Hey, I'm number so and so, how are you?
Everything is offensive to someone, somewhere.

But, people...we have to draw the line somewhere.
Confederate generals had military bases named after them, not because they were generals, but because they did something that stood out.  Maybe they won a battle that no one thought they would win.  Maybe they were military geniuses.  

Also, think about this...
When we fought in the Vietnam war, do you really think half of those soldiers that were fighting for the VC were there because they wanted to be there?  No, they were fighting for their country.  We were the invadors...not them. Not to mention, some of them did it out of family duty...they probably didn't believe in the war either.

Any war we ever fought in is because our LEADERS choose the war.  Not the soldiers, not the generals, not the officers.  They were following orders!!  To erase them from our history, to take away the recognition for what they did is blasphemy!!!

If we erase anything offensive from our history, then we would be fake!
We're trying to say we're better than everyone else because we're not recognizing this person for their genius in this incredible fight that they won, even if it was for the enemy.  

Recognize the ACTIONS.  It doesn't matter if you hate the person.  It doesn't matter if you hate the reason...what matters is their ACTIONS!!!

I feel sorry for everyone that is so closed minded that they jump on this bandwagon of renaming everything.  Erasing our history.

I'm going to continue to teach my son THIS history...because I want him to know the truth...not a pretty painted falsehood that our government wanted because they want to get reelected.
If this was really something that was important to them, it would have been on their agenda LONG BEFORE any of this happened.  

People, stop and take a deep breath.  Relax...our history will still be there, even if you erase it.
It happened, and no matter how much you try to erase it, it still happened.
Learn from it, don't erase it.

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  1. History sadly repeats itself. Wars, pandemics, voter supression, and murder.