Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Shopping in Texas

Most of my friends and fans are saying it's cold outside.  
Yesterday, we were experiencing severe weather.
Like...Tornado weather!

That didn't bother Mike.  He told me, let's go eat something so we can do Christmas shopping.
Now, when Mike says shopping, I jump at the chance.  He would rather do ANYTHING before going shopping.
Like.  Anything.

So, we went to the Lufkin Mall.  It's not big, but hey, it's what we have in this itty bitty town.
We go into one store and I see it started raining again, so I say "lets go and look at something else", you try to kill time until the rain stops.

The problem with that was...we had already bought the gifts we needed to get.
So, Mike said lets go look at those earrings again that we looked at last week.
Hey, the man is buying me JEWELRY...I'm not saying NO!

We head down to the store, talk to the same associate that we talked to last week.
He remembered us but couldn't exactly remember where the earrings were.  
Sooooo...we're looking.
We've got it narrowed down to a few different pair, and we're comparing them.  

All of a sudden, all three of use notice that the wind is picking up and the rain is coming down harder.
Now, we live in East Texas.  When there is a severe storm warning, everyone usually just goes about their business because we get severe storms ALL THE TIME.  No biggie right?

Right after we said that the wind was picking up, it got really windy.  Like, shaking the ceiling windows windy.  Right above the Santa picture area.

The associate tells us to come into the store at that time because we were on the outside part of the display, which was on the corner of the store.  He quickly locked the earrings up again, and ushered us into the store.  Right at that time, the lights went out and the wind really rattled everything.  Everyone was running into the stores and away from those windows.  

I've never been shopping during severe weather, and I wasn't really scared...though the little kids that ran into the store with their parents were.  So, Mike and I did what we do best (apparently), we started asking the kids questions about anything to get their minds off of being scared.  There was a little girl with reindeer antlers and a kitty cat shirt on that we just started asking her questions about her antlers and shirt.  Her parents looked at us with that profound look of "THANK YOU"!!

It was over in a few minutes.  It was a shopping trip I will never forget.  And that little girl probably won't forget it either.  But, I got my Christmas present.  Yeah, I know it's not Christmas yet, but when you're there while it's being bought from your husband, you really don't want to wait!  Especially with these pretty earrings.  OMG they're so sparkly!!! LOL  

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