Saturday, January 5, 2013

Julep Nail Polish at Fab!!!

OK, so I admit, I've totally been slacking this week.  I barely caught this one and there's only 21 hours left in this sale!!!
Julep nail polish is on sale at Fab!!!

I'm a big fan of Julep nail polish and wear it almost all the time.
It's very easy to put on and with their Quick Drying drops, which aren't on sale here, it's very easy for me to do my nails.  

Here's two sets that are for sale:
These nail polishes are normally $15 each, and right now you can get THREE for only $25!! 

The cuticle oil works wonders!!! I use it personally EVERY DAY on my nails and have had less problems with hangnails!  
I'm also a big fan of glitter nail polish...or glitter anything lately!

With only 21 HOURS left of this sale...I would hurry over and get it before it's gone!!!
Also, if you're a friend of mine on Facebook, I can send you a $10 Fab Gift card, just let me know if you want one.  That would make THREE nail polishes for the price of ONE!!! 
If you're not a friend, you can send me a friend request HERE and let me know you would like a gift card.  

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