Friday, January 6, 2012

Shame on Lufkin Industries for Reverse Discrimination


My husband has been a faithful employee at Lufkin Industries since 2006. From that time until he was put on Long Term Medical Leave, he had only a couple of write ups. Now fast forward to this year. In June 2009, Lufkin Industries had to pay $5 Million in a discrimination case as seen here.  Now, In my opinion, Lufkin Industries is so afraid of another lawsuit, that they're practicing reverse discrimination.

Now, I'm half-mexican married to a white guy, and I am fairly open-minded.  But, when my WHITE husband gets put on "clean up duty" because he scrapped 1 part and had a write up for it, and there's a BLACK FEMALE that scraps parts on a regular basis (conservatively 1 part every two weeks) and NOT A SINGLE WRITE UP there's something wrong. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that it has been heard that the supervisor will tell this woman that "she's like the daughter he never had"? This alone shows the company playing favorites.

My husband has not been allowed to work on his machine since June while this lady scraps parts on a regular basis.  Now, Lufkin Industries is trying to make my husband take a job that pays $5 LESS an hour than what he has been making for about the last THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!

When my husband went back to work after his disability for an injury that he incurred during the Iraq War, the company had already given his job to another person because they did not think he was coming back.  So, when he did go back, they didn't know what to do with him. 

Does this seem right?  They have written him up four times, yet he only had one write up slip.  When he asked for copies of the other write ups, the company would not give them to him.  Now, Lufkin Industries has gone against their own UNION CONTRACT and given away a job without posting a job bid as stated in the contract.  There is a lot of playing of favorites at this company, and I feel my husband won't be working there very much longer because they are trying to make him quit.  They have created a hostile working environment to the point where he doesn't want to go to work and when at work, he does his job and doesn't really talk to anyone.  If any of my readers out there knows anyone that can help us with this situation, please let me know.  Also, please please pass this on to your friends and let Lufkin Industries know that reverse discrimination is as wrong as discrimination.  There should be equality in the workplace, not just with pay, but with how people are treated no matter what race or gender they are.  I know that there is a strong case here, and I'm really hoping that he is able to keep his position. 

This is reverse discrimination against a white male who also happens to be an Iraq AND Gulf War Veteran, who has had to have brain surgery for a TBI incurred during the war.  It doesn't seem fair, or right and yet, Lufkin Industries is able to get away with it.

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